Asian/Oriental Style of Knitting?

groomingalNovember 27, 2009

Maybe some of you here are familiar with techniques and can help me out.

My grandmother knits and she was talking about seeing an Asian lady 30 years ago that draped her yarn across her shoulders and knitted but she wasn't close enough to approach or see her work. Last week she saw an Asian lady on a public show doing the same thing and when it came time to see the technique she was interrupted and missed it. She did hear the lady on tv say it was all in the thumbs.

Does anyone here know if this is an Asian/Oriental technique and if so if it called something specific? Could anyone point me to a site or link that shows a video or direction?


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I couldn't find Asian but this looks like it might be what you're talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: knitting sytle

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Wonderful! Thank you so much...this is what she was trying to describe. She said the woman on tv uses a large pin on her shoulder to run the yarn through.
Once again thank you for your help!

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groomingal, pris gave you the link for what I was going to tell you. That is actually a very easy way to knit. I bought the DVD a couple of years ago. I wanted a way to knit that would relieve the arthritis in my right shoulder while knitting. I am a "thrower" not a "picker"! If I knit continental, it still bothers my shoulder, and I am not comfortable knitting that way anyway. The Puruvian way was easy to learn, tho I still prefer the english/american way of knitting. I guess it's just what I'm used to. It works great for me when I need to chAnge the way I knit for my shoulder or wrist.


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Since I have arthritis, tami, could you tell me how you solve the problem of moving around when you knit? For example, I get up and down a lot. You know. Answer the phone, go to the BR, do other things. Do you have, say, something to carry the skein of yarn and your work in or do you have to unpin your work every time? I'm thinking some sort of bag or apron with a pouch large enough to fit everything in would be beneficial.

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pris, The "pin" used is a pin that pins to your blouse/shirt that has a "hook" on it, like a hook on your wall to hang something on. You just lift the yarn off the hook and set your work down. You can also just loop the yarn around your neck, but I don't like the way the yarn doesn't slide easy, I find it makes the tension tighter. An apron with pockets would be good if you really want to move around with it. I haven't mastered the knitting and walking technique yet! I have a friend who used to own a yarn shop, and she will walk around the amusement park while knitting socks! she just sticks the skein in her pants pocket.


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LOL, I was thinking more along the lines of putting your work in your apron pouch to free your hands up for other things on a temporary basis. Like taking something out of the oven or fetching a cup of coffee. Something that only takes a minute or two, takes two hands to accomplish and then you get back to the business of knitting. This way you would still have your work in place and all you have to do is pick it up and begin knitting. Something along the lines of a tool pouch only roomier. Frankly, I can't walk and chew gum at the same time so knitting and walking is a major accomplishment.

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Do you sew? Make a tool pouch, but pleat the bottom of the pockets! Guess I'm just so used to putting my knitting down to go do something, I never thought about it!


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