Multiple Portables for One Room?

Beach_ManMay 3, 2011

Hey guys, my boss asked me to research air conditioners for the 3rd floor of the office. It is a 2,500 sq. ft. room, with 15' high ceiling. We cannot use window air conditioners because of the street that we are on in San Francisco, CA.

From what I have been reading a 12,000 BTU is good for a 400 to 650 sq.ft. room. Do you think that multiple portables would be a good idea? Or do you have any suggestions?

I have been comparing Sunpentown and Frigidaire online at because that is where I have to buy it from. Do you guys know if one of these companies is more quality than the other?

Thank you for any help you guys can give.

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Please read the posts about portables that were made less than a week ago. For sizing, look at a recent post about window units.

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Yeah I read those, thanks. So, for sizing I should look at the portables the same way as window units. I will probably go for two of the 11,000 BTU Sunpentowns at first, then add a third if necessary.

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You do understand that portables still must exhaust hot air through the window, correct? That involves a panel inserted into the window where the hose discharges. If your city has issues with ACs in your windows, you'd better make sure they're OK with the appearance of the portables.

The other issue that you may face is the electrical requirements that multiple units will require. You would need to restrict one AC to one circuit, and that circuit had better not have any other heavy energy draws on it. )no coffee pot or copier, etc) Check with your building's maintaince division or electrical engineer if applicable.

Personally, I'd start any investigation with a conversation with my landlord. If the building is too hot, then something needs to be re-engineered in the building's HVAC. If you own the building, the same advice would apply. An expensive bandaid takes money away from the real repairs needed.

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live_wire_oak, thank you. I no nothing of AC. I was aware that portables have hoses, but I did not know that they blew out hot air and that the hose should go out a window. I suppose I could just slightly hang the hose out a window and try to seal it off on hot days.
The windows open by being pushed out, haven't seen any panels that would really fit because the windows are so big.
Since they have wheels, I thought they could be rolled around anywhere in the office.

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If you have running water you could use a water-cooled air conditioner. It will probably cost more, be more efficient (if water use is not calculated in), but I don't know if Amazon will be any help.

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There are 'portables' out there made for the computer industry. They are a bit larger, like a small to medium refrigerator, and also have hoses. They can be moved around, but once set up they stay in place.

YOu might look at these guys. But they might be pricier than you want to pay.

Here is a link that might be useful: portable ac

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I have a portable unit that I purchased before seeing the actual hose. Just so you know...the hoses are very rigid, take up a lot of space and only work with certain windows. I have huge slider windows that are too big for the plastic panel that holds the hose, so unless you are prepared to rig the discharge hose, be careful of the type of window you are matching this with. Also, I agree with another poster who said that having 2 AC's on one circuit is too much. In addition, you are not able to move the unit around unless there is a window in close proximity. The hose blows extremely hot air and must be hooked up to the window if it's running. The hose is probably 4 ft or so and you could easily trip on it unless you place the unit beneath the window, even if you have a heavy duty extension cord. That being said, I think they do a pretty good job and it fills a niche for portable air. ps. they do require a bucket or a drain for the drain tube.

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I would go to a rental place and rent one before buying multiples or buy one and see what you think. I think multiple units would be a pain in the butt to deal with. I have one and it works great to sit in front of during a garage sale in the 90's in the garage or stand in front of while working on a project outside but if your not careful with the hose situation it will make every other area of the garage hotter except 10 feet in front of it.

I would try to slip a 'space pack' type unit in front of the city and see if they would go for that option. At least it isn't a 'window unit'. I don't know if this is an option at all but it sure would be better than portables.

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