Looking for Christmas ornament patterns and/or ideas

Alysha2kOctober 18, 2011

Hey everyone,

I have knitted ornaments in the past and looking for fresh ideas that are quick and easy. I have to make a few of these ornaments and I am familiar working with small needles. Any ideas for ornaments or links to patterns would be awesome!


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crochet pattern central is where I would start looking!

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I have a pattern I got free online for mini Christmas stockings. I think I knit them on size 1 dpns using scraps of sock yarn. They look best if the yarn has a little red in it (I used variegated/self striping). However, one other pattern I have seen is an all red mini sock with a white snowflake on it. I don't know if the snowflake is knit as the sock is knit like intarsia or if it is added after the sock is completed. Last year I had about a dozen of these tiny socks, and I hung them across the top of our fire screen with little ornament hooks. I think they would look cute at the tips of tree branches with hard Christmas candies in them and a mini candy cane too.

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I have made tiny pairs of mittens from sock yarn.
They are quick and so easy.
If you do a search for " miniature mittens" you will find lots of patterns.
These are done on two needles very simply.
My knitting group mass produced them last year !
Really fun to hang on your tree.
I have one tree that is all tiny mittens , under which I have the Jan Brett book " The Mitten"...a darling story about a lost mitten and all the forest creatures who crawl into it.

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I think these are adorable and plan to make some for next year!

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas tree bears

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Just found this looking for another pattern. Too cute!

Here is a link that might be useful: yarn basket ornament

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Noel, a friend gave me another version of the yarn basket. She used a half walnut shell. She glued a tiny ribbon of lace around the inside edge of the shell with the edge sticking up to give a nice finish to it, and a loop of narrow red ribbon across the center of the shell as if it were a basket handle. She wound tiny balls of Christmas colored yarns (thin crocheting cotton in this case) to fill the shell and then stuck two tiny "knitting needles" into the yarns. The needles are those pins that have the round bead on the top of the pins--red or green might look best.

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