Honeywell Prestige HD Thermo w/wireless remote- Need advice

icenetMay 25, 2011

Hi All,

We live in a tri-level townhouse. The current thermostat is on the second floor. I was told that having a wireless remote like that included in Honeywell Prestige system is my best option for keeping an overall comfortable temperature. Just bring the remote to what room you need to adjust.

We have only been living here since February and have yet to experience summer. As expected, the first floor was the coldest in the winter.

The idea of another remote to deal with doesn't appeal to me. My thinking is it will get lost and dropped as is common with remotes.

Anyone using this system? Do you like having the remote to set the temperature? Does it keep the temperature comfortable in its location?


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Doesn't sound like the best solution to your issues. Tri-level homes will always experience temperature variation between floors, but it can be reduced with a proper ductwork design. Are there metal dampers on the duct trunklines leaving the unit that can be adjusted to balance the airflow among all three floors? The issue I see with the remote thermostat is that you would be overcooling other areas of the home just to cool one room to a reasonable temperature, which isn't efficient, and may take a while depending on how little airflow that room may be receiving compared to what it needs. I would wait on the remote thermostat, and if necessary, bring in a reputable HVAC tech that can balance the duct system if possible and necessary.

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