NIce combination of yarns!

nancybcOctober 13, 2007


While picking out yarn to do some gift scarves, I found that lots of the Lion Homespun goes with the Yarn Bee Soft Delight.(Hobby Lobby Brand) I paired Covered Bridge(two strands) with Soft Delight Dark Blue(one strand) and Montana Sky( again two strands) with one strand of Dark Blue Soft Delight and both scarves turned out great! The Soft Delight adds a little eyelash that jazzes up the Homespun. I knitted both on 25 circular needles lengthwise (CO 100) and knitted about 8 rows width. Any easy pattern works. Really lacy and lovely with fringe!

Hope you try it!


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Since there's no Hobby Lobby in New England :( I'll take your word for it, that the yarns go together :) Knitting the scarf lengthwise sounds interesting, though. I'd like to try that. What size needles did you use?

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Hi Iris,
Hobby Lobby has a website- but choosing colors that way can be tough. Patons makes a Cha Cha that might work- or any soft eyelash type yarn that you can find and play with.
I've been using double strands on 19s and 25 circular. Depends on how lacy I want to get. I found my 25 circulars at and really like them! I can do a scarf in about two hours and go on to the next one- or not-lol! I'm a basic knitter and like quick finished projects so the big needles are great. 19s are wonderful for a bulkier scarf with two strands of worsted or #5 yarns.
Seems like lengthwise goes fast for basic knitting but fancy patterns would be hard to figure out. Ribs are good if you don't mind purling for 100 sts in a row. Drop Stitch or twisted drop stitch is also fun and easy to do.
Hope this helps!

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