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grammypOctober 24, 2005

I'm visiting from the quilt forum and was hoping someone could help me with a scarf project. I saw someone making a scarf with what looked like 5 dowel rods with yarn threaded thru them. She was weaving yarn around the rods and sliding it onto the yarn strings. Does anyone have instructions for something like this? I have a 10 yo neighbor who would like to make her teachers scarves for Christmas and I think she would be able to handle this one.

Thanks for your help.


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could a hairpin lace loom be what you are looking for? i was at joann's and saw a sample. the scarf was loopy on the sides and somehow the yarns were connected together down the middle. sorry, i didn't pay too much attention to the details, just looked at the loom and thought, hum, looks easy. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: hairpin lace loom

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No knitcrazy, I have a hairpin lace loom. This was 5 dowels held side-by-side and you wove the yarn thru them then slid the yarn down the dowels and onto the strings. It is easy enough, just can't figure how to start or finish the thing.


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I'm not sure of the name of it, but take a look at these links that use soda straws instead of dowels and see if it is similar to what you saw. It may not be the same because in this weaving, the yarn runs through the straws.

Soda Straw Weaving

Yarn and Straw Weaving

How to Make a Woven Belt

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Yes, That is how it was done. I guess I can just drill a hole in the dowel and thread the yard thru that. Thank you so much Red Confetti!


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