Where do I put the unit?

kailuamomMay 11, 2014

Hi all -

We are getting ready to have our new heating and AC system installed starting Tuesday.

I have a question for the experts.... Tell me about the location of the AC unit.

We do not have AC now, so there is no pre-existing infrastructure. The installer would like it close to the electrical panel, which is right off the kitchen in the area outside where we spend most of our time during the day (it would be right by our main entrance, where we BBQ and garden). Sunny in the morning and 1/2 the afternoon.

I would like to see it on the back wall, between bedroom windows, where hopefully, the room on the other side will become a walk in closet. We don't do much outside there during the day, it's in the shade all day. This would require running power half the length of the house.

I bring up the issue of where we spend our time when outside during the hot part of the day when the AC would be going, because the AC noise at our other house drives me crazy when I'm outside.

I spend much more time outside than in, but there are others who will be inside and the AC will be running. We bought this house specifically for the peace and quiet of this rural location.

The location by the bedrooms seems better to me because I'll never really be hanging out by the unit outside. When I'm inside, going to bed, if the unit is running the windows will be closed, so will provide noise barrier.

Please advise what I should consider with respect to location of the unit, besides ease of install. While I don't want to be too much trouble, hopefully I will live with this decision for much longer than the install.


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I like to place the outside condenser whether AC or HP close to the inside air handler or furnace away from outside area that family intends to use for enjoyment or entertaining like a deck or patio. Sometimes there are compromises. Stay away from windows and shrubbery and allow plenty of space when service is needed.


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Thanks much! So, there are no "rules" with respect to what needs to be done? It's a pretty small, single story house, so no spot is going to be great.

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You want clearance to manufacturer specs, overhead and on sides of condenser.

Again I prefer close proximity to air handler or furnace.


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Some outdoor units are much quieter than others. If you like quiet, you should pay attention to that aspect of the the equipment.

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This is why you need lots of voices posted, not just a singular definitive one.

I'm surprised no one mentioned trying to dampen sound vibrations. Diversitech makes some excellent E.V.A. Anti-Vibration pads. They could be stacked to increase the anti-vibrational capacity.

You could also request a sound blanket for your compressor. Make sure the lineset is installed with good insulation and isolated. Also, a good quality brushless scroll compressor is generally way quieter (and more efficient) than a brushed one.

Like tigerdunes stated, you want to the outdoor unit as close to the indoor unit as possible. Why? From an efficiency standpoint, each 100+ feet of 7/8" vapor line loses 900-1000btu and increases the pressure drop by 2-3psig. IMO? lol? Good luck.

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We ended up putting it in the front yard, in a fairly inconspicuous spot. While the front yard isn't desirable, we spend less time out there than at the patio area. Hopefully, we will turn it on tomorrow and we'll see.

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