HGTV Fall Fix Up Contest!

roobearSeptember 5, 2009

HGTV is having their annual $75,000 fall fix up contest, you can enter online once a day till October 2nd.

What would you do if you won?

I would remodel my kitchen, add a new deck, and redo the driveway.

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Link? I'm having trouble finding the contest on their site... :-(

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Sure, the link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV fall fix up sweepstakes

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I'd like to do a mix of the boring "socks and underwear" repairs and prettifying...

1) Insulation out the wazoo!

2) Tear down downstairs ceilings and sister joists to fix "trampoline floors" upstairs, with doubleplusgood reinforcement under bathroom so I can have a proper antique cast-iron tub someday. ()

3) Replace those torn-down ceilings with tin (or faux tin) and properly-scaled crown molding after wiring for overhead fixtures and get rid of that geedee ugly ceiling acne in the kitchen.

4) Pay someone to scrape off all this horrible wall texture, repair damaged plaster, skimcoat all the walls and upstairs ceilings so we can paint (and wallpaper when we can afford to do it properly).

5) Send the front and side doors out for stripping; have new threshold for front door installed; have original side door rehung which will have a carpenter cursing our names for the next thirty years LOL

6) Remove horrible commercial Berber carpet from upstairs, fix up the I-know-it's-pretty-under-there wood staircase with a nice runner, new wood floors upstairs (PO told us the original pine floors were "wrecked" and considering his ideas of "good condition" they have to be in really, really horrible shape).

7) Replace as many windows as possible, especially on front facade, with aesthetically pleasing, architecturally appropriate and energy efficient ones (that's the spendy bit).

8) Stripping paint off the foundation bricks and repointing the mortar.

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Paint entire interior, remodel small powder room, replace remaining windows (started replacing them last year), carpet or lay hardwood in upstairs, replace A/C.

I'm hoping to sell in a few years so I'm slowly getting this 1974 condo into good shape for that but it sure would be nice to enjoy the improvements while I'm still living here!

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Oooh! I'd have the giant tree over my house limbed properly, remove two bad trees from our backyard. Plant NEW trees in the right places.

Replace driveway.
Install underground sprinklers.
Have spigots & outdoor electrical sockets installed.
Replace furnace & get AC installed. Actually, I'd replace all the appliances with energy star.
Reroof house & replace gutters.
Replace brick facing with slate.
Put in a swim spa!!

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Thanks roobear!

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pesky, you do know that the swim spa alone would eat half (at least) the winnings, right? (says she who lusts big time for one and whose physical therapist sells them)

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Oh, in that case...just the swim spa please! DH and I considered putting in a pool, but we've got too many trees, thus too many leaves. We can't even have a lawn out back because we can't keep up with the falling leaves from killing it, so a pool is out of the question. Drat. But a girl can dream.

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