Arts and Crafts kitchens

powertoolpatriotJanuary 31, 2011

Looking for ideas on Arts and Crafts kitchens. Not a purist. Would like to "modernize" it a bit, but not too much. I have checked out "Arts and Crafts Home" magazine. Got some good ideas there, just wondering if anyone else had done something in the Arts and Craft style.

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What is arts and craft? I'm thinking lots of wood, lots of built ins, lots of rectangular shapes (unavoidable in a kitchen with cabs)and then some stained glass touches. Is that what you are thinking?

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One of my favorite kitchens is Robin_d's in the "in progress" section of the Finished Kitchens Blog. It has elements that make me think Arts and Crafts without going overboard. I think it's the plate rail, dark cabinets, wall of tall cabinets, door and wood-trimmed windows that does it for me (I'm linking to the kitchen below--hopefully it works.)

Crown Point has an Arts and Crafts section (Crown-Point dot com, look under "styles".)

Dh and I both really like the Arts and Crafts style. We put a few elements into our 1912 farmhouse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Robin_d's kitchen

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JaymieLO's Kitchen. I have had it bookkmarked for years!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stunning Arts and Crafts Kitchen

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Peter LaBau's book "The New Bungalow Kitchen" might give you some ideas.

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Here is a link to Crown Points arts and crafts album. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: arts and crafts crown point

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Fori is not pleased

Where is Circuspeanut!?? I don't know if Peanut considers it to be A&C, but it has many elements that say it is.

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Circus Peanut

Ha, Fori -- my kitchen is decidedly more modest than most of these 'real thing' A&C spaces.

The granddaddy of them all, of course, is the Gamble House kitchen by Greene & Greene, with its emblematic push-pull two-way drawer island:

There are all kinds of modern variations, and the Peter LaBau book is a really excellent place to start. Also check out American Bungalow and Hewn and Hammered for great photos.

Do a google image search for "Arts & Crafts Kitchen" and you'll find more inspiration than you ever wanted to see. I personally dislike it when the design becomes too precious and limited to very clichèed elements (Morris chair, Stickley bench, Dard Hunter Rose):

But in terms of designing a kitchen, because of the handcrafted emphasis of the movement, there are rich and wonderful resources in the way of wood and tile! I seem to recall that someone here did a gorgeous kitchen using Pewabic Tile within the past 2 years, or maybe it was Motawi Tile. Check out the websites of both for some delicious color inspiration.

Here's a shot of mine, which is in a 1921 bungalow that couldn't decide if it's 20's neo-colonial or Craftsman. I tried to remain true to both senses. I've got the copper counters, the yellow art tile, the fir trim and floors. Still in progress (! we're finally about to replace the ghastly white vinyl windows with rejuvenated wooden ones), so no very good "done!" photos, but here. I seem to be the only Gardenwebber who ever has dirty handprints on her cabinets, alas:

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I'm glad to see that zelmar and circuspeanut chimed in above. I drooled over their kitchens as we were planning our lake house, which is updated arts and craft style. Unfortunately, I haven't taken any good pictures of our kitchen to post to the finished kitchens gallery...I've about decided it takes a wide angle lens (which I don't own) and good camera skills (which I don't possess). But, our architect (Jim Samsel) and interior designer (Traci Kearns) hired a professional photographer (David Dietrich) to take some photographs of the interior of our house, and there is one photo that shows a part of the kitchen. I've posted a link below. The cabinets are cherry, inset, in a simple style. Floors are quarter sawn oak. But we went contemporary with some features (leathered granite and concrete countertops), 48 inch range, counter depth refrigerator, etc. We're not into historical accuracy.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, be sure to consult American Bungalow and Style 1900 magazines. I had several years worth of back issues of both of those, but just gave them to the local friends of the library store. There's one really incredible kitchen I recall from an issue of American Bungalow about 18-24 months ago--- the Aidells of the sausage of the same name. I seem to recall that the wife of the couple owns Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco, but I might be wrong about that. Anyway, it was a very large arts and crafts home with a kitchen for two devoted chefs. I have also seen some very small well-done arts and crafts style kitchens in these publications as well.

Lastly, if you're a serious arts and crafts aficionado, don't miss the annual conference (held in late Feb.) at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. A serious treasure trove of information, resources, and more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of a part of our kitchen

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I love lpolk's kitchen too...check it out

Here is a link that might be useful: lpolk's arts and crafts stunner

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To quote Erik's Bungalow Manifesto "Gustav Stickley did not make kitchen hardware for your bungalow"....

Most 1910-1920 Bungalow kitchens were not the over the top arts and crafts kitchens that we see today. Jane Powell's Bungalow Kitchen book has a lot of great A&C kitchens that don't have the wood/hammer hardware that is associated with the the term Arts and Crafts today. Simple, clean with traditional materials all works well in the classic A&C Kitchen. I just wanted to bring it up as a another option to the all wood Stickley look


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nclakehouse: Your house is stunning! I love everything about it. By the way I live in Asheville.

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Circus Peanut

Oh diane! It's so good to see your photo. Your kitchen was my first and always inspiration kitchen. I think you were not posting much any more when I got here a few years ago, so this is a good chance to thank you for being an aesthetic mentor.

LOVE your tile and I stole your pencil liners for my hood. :-)

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nclakehouse, your lake house is incredible. Really really so. Updated modern A&C is probably a v. good representation. Love how well lit and open and airy it is in addition.

Where are your dining chairs from, may I ask? I've been looking for dining chairs for years now, missed my chance over dawdling too long on some de la espada ones and back to the drawing board now. Although, it must be said that it is your study table that really grabs at the heart strings.

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I love this thread. I wish I could have a cup of coffee in each of these kitchens. I need inspiration to get me back on track with the bathroom we're building (probably too ambitious of a term since it's been at the studs and roughed-in plumbing state for 6 years) and the tile work I see here is making me want to try to get back on track.

nclakehouse, your kitchen is gorgeous. I'm so glad to see a picture of it. I was going to ask if we could see the other pictures of your house and I just realized I could use the arrow buttons on your link. All I can say is WOW!

cotehele, you should post pictures of your incredible kitchen here. I've tried to refer to it in the past and haven't been able to find it anywhere on the finished kitchens blog. It shouldn't be missed. It would add a lot to this thread.

circuspeanut, I love everything about your kitchen. It seemed perfect before but now the tile hood makes it even more so. The one thing that is missing in the above pictures is your beautiful rug.

Diane, your kitchen is another that makes me linger to study every detail whenever I see it (which isn't often enough.) It's wonderful.

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Thanks to everyone for the link, pictures and comments.
lyvia, yeah rectangles, but no stained glass for me.

zelmar, love the cabinets! Probably will avoid glass for mine though.

cotehele, yes Jamie's kitchen is awesome! It has given me some good ideas. That mantel is just what I was looking for, just would give it a little more mass. But it made me drool!

circuspeanut, love the beams in the ceiling in the one pic, and your cabinets are great! Like the way the base units have no toekick, like they are furniture.

nclakehouse, great kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

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Ours is like Diane's---painted cabinets, which is what our 1915 bungalow started out with and has had ever since. (Also glad to see that photo since we're trying to figure out how to wrap our backsplash around our stove, which is similar to yours---so great to see that, since I don't know your kitchen!) I've taken to calling ours a "bungalow kitchen" to avoid the wrath of the hardcore A&C people, even though painted kitchens were pretty traditional in A&C houses. Jane Powell's book has lots of examples of both painted and stained kitchens with an Arts & Crafts aesthetic, both old and new. If you look in the FKB for quartersawn oak cabinets, there are also some A&C kitchens there---one in particular that I really like, but can't recall whose it is (I think they built their own cabinets).

My approach to modernize ours was to stick to traditional materials/shapes/styles but to mix up colors and patterns---so we have a pretty period palette of materials and finishes, but it's a lot brighter and more varied than a kitchen of that era would have been.

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I feel like I should chime in eventhough I don't really have a lot to add. I have a 1928 bungalow with some A & C character with the thic stained trim and mouldings but no built-ins or mullins (sp?) in the windows or stained glass or anything. We're slowly working on changing that.

I really wanted windows with the mullins in the upper panes or the cross pattern that procudes the little squares in the corners...that says A & C style to me. But we had to sort of rush through that phase of the renovation due to to weather and couldn't wait for special order windows just for that style.

All materials in our kitchen will be natural (well as natural as stainless steel can be). All cabinets and trim/windows will be stained, flooring is locally quarried slate, counters are granite with an antique finish (not the hi-gloss finish). Walls will be painted a warm golden yellow. BS is going to be soft white painted beadboard. Pewter, black and ORB finishes for the hardware.
We're going to make our table out of chestnut planks taken from a friend's 1800's home (if there are enough boards that are salvagable).

To me, A & C style also means handmade, natural, purposeful, and warm.

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I have some images of craftsman, arts and crafts, vintage,
mission... style kitchens. I love the solid, natural,
genunie, organic, wood purist... feel to the rooms.

Here is Jaymielo's kitchen. Truly a beautiful example!

From the Kennebec Company (Maine)

From Kennebec Co.

CrownPoint Oak


St. Pier Kitchen

Arts and Crafts Thomas Conway

Prarie Style Kitchen

Bungalo Kitch

Old House Journal

Ava Living

Arts and Crafts

Craftsman Island


This Old House Magazine

Craftsman Design Ideas


Vintage Kitchen Co. New Hampshire

Sullivan Designs

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Fori is not pleased

Some of those show kitchens are certainly over-the-top. Sort of let's throw some Stickley at it and then some more! It's possible to be a little too contrived, especially since the original A&C kitchens were more functional and less "pretty" than the rest of the house.

I gotta say that Crown Point one with the fridge that looks like a gun safe is just too too much of a good thing! The real kitchens GWers have done are so much more tasteful (and probably much more respectful of the original concept)!

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zelmar, circuspeanut, diane-love your kitchens! nclakehouse-beautiful home; the desk is stunning-I need to show that to my dh, he will love it!

Here is my still-not-quite-finished arts and crafts inspired kitchen (someday I need to finish the back splash and get some better pics...):

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timber.j, you've got to love working in that kitchen! It's gorgeous and it looks well planned.

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Here's ours

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Thanks, zelmer! It IS great to work in-especially when the sun shines. You can't see that at the other end of the island is a lowered butcher block counter just the right height for me. The layout does work very well for our large family.

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I agree with other posters that original A/C kitchen were not pretty and perhaps not very functional either. Here are a couple pics of our bungalow kitchen (circa 1916) when we purchased it. I didn't hate everything about it, but couldn't wait to have a new kitchen.

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Joyce, what a cool range hood! Did it have a passive vent? A fan? Did you manage to keep it?

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No, there was no functioning vent. The "hood" was built to house an old wood stove, as there was a hole in the chimney wall behind the srange where the stove pipe would have been connected to. I had initially hoped to keep the hood, but structurally it just didn't work out. It looks nicer in the picture than it actually was. There wasn't anything worth salvaging actually.

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Thanks again to all for sharing! Many great pics, they are appreciated!

boxerpups, thanks for bringing Jamielo's and the Crown Pointe pics to the forum! Like the lites among other things in Jlo's kitchen! Been to CP's website in the past, just thought some of their work was a little too ostentatious for me. There are some great concepts though. I like the simple look with some character. As I will be building my own cabinets I can tweak them to fit my vision by incorporating various concepts.

chrisa, love your kitchen! Thank you for sharing! Just wondering, did you ever consider using craftsman style hardware for pulls? Just curious.

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Just a response to a couple of folks that had comments or questions directed to me. Don't want to hijack the thread, but since it seems to be completed, perhaps no one will mind.

NCamy: we're almost neighbors, as our lake house is 1-1/2 hours west of Asheville, on a lake that is better known for the river rafting provided by the dam on our lake. I'm sure you can guess which one. Asheville is one of my favorite haunts.

Mindstorm: Thanks for the compliments on the DR chairs and library desk. The dining room chairs (and table) were made by a local craftsman in Asheville, NC - Jan Derr of Placeways Studio. Their design was a collaboration between Jan, our architect and interior designer. The desk in the library is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house. It was made by Brian Fireman of Tryon, NC. I cannot recommend Brian highly enough - fantastic craftsman.

I agree 100% with Fori that restraint is key in designing an arts and crafts home to keep it from looking like a cliched imitation of the real thing. I love each and every one of the kitchens posted by Garden Web members, but some of those others above are just over the top, overdone.

Lastly, Powertoolpatriot (the OP): I still have a clipping from the Winter/Spring issue of Style 1900 Magazine that lists the features that "if you choose from these features, you'll end up with a kitchen you won't regret thirty minutes or several years later" at least according to the author of this article (I think it was Jane Powell based on a credit on the other side of the page). Although this topic has been debated ad nauseum on this forum, and I don't agree with all of the list, I'm happy to mail this to you if you will send me your USPS mailing address (my email address is on my member page - yours is not). Good luck and be sure to post your kitchen when it is done (she says shamed faced, not having posted her own kitchen...).

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Sorry for the hijack-- there are SO many great AC kitchens on here, I'm drooling!!
Chrisa-- where did you get your light fixtures??- they are beautiful and cool looking all at the same time!!

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Chrisa, what backsplash tile did you use? It's lovely.

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I am looking for ideas for a white, off white, or light gray arts and crafts kitchen.

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Great looking kitchens, all.

My wife and I are just finishing up an Arts and Craft inspired kitchen renovation and decided that new dinnerware would be appropriate (hope this isn't too far off topic). We were looking for something, again, in the Arts and Craft style, and looked pretty extensively -- for awhile without success.

We finally found two great possibilites - both made in the U.S. by Niagara China, which is a descendant company of Buffalo Pottery, then Buffalo China, which were early manufacturers of dinnerware in the A&C style.
Here's a link to their site:

1) The Roycroft Inn in East Aurora, New York, sells a Dard Hunter (one of the more famous of the original early 20th century Roycrofters) inspired pattern available here:

2) At the Darwin Martin Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo, NY they offer a pattern inspired by the stained glass in that house:

We ended getting most of our dinnerware in the Roycroft pattern but the Darwin Martin pieces complemented the others so well that we added some accessory items from that collection.

We're a few weeks from completion but I'll try and remember to put up some of the pictures of our completed kitchen and the dinnerware.

My first post - hope it's appropriate to the topic.

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