Window seats anyone?

aliris19January 24, 2013

Please show me your window seats - either yours or any photos you've seen that you like.

I have a room that's quite square, tallish ceilings with doors on opposite sides and windows on the other two sides -- I'm thinking I'd like to put window seats below the windows and line the room with shelves -- it's supposed to be a "library". But I can't quite work out how these would meet and not overwhelm the room either. It's not a big room.

Has anyone any pictures of window seats they love - their own maybe? Words of advice? caution?


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If you can get a hold of any of the Sarah Susanka books, she has a wonderful assortment of photos of window seats! Especially Home By Design and Inside the Not So Big House.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I have two small, simple window seats, built as reading nooks in the play room, for the grandkids. The room is visible from the kitchen/DR and living room, so I didn't want primary colors decor, and it also doubles as a dining room for large family gatherings. Here's a pic of the larger seat--the smaller one is slightly narrower, just off camera on the right:

The floor is recently painted, still missing baseboard trim.

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics in skydrive album

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GWlolo I loved the window seats in Sarah susanka books as well and used that as a inspiration for 2 of my window seats.

Kitchen window seat

master bedroom window seat with bookshelves on the side

Mama goose - the swings can you show us that and tll us about it please?

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I usually sit on the aisle. Easier to go to the restroom.

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Mama Goose - would you please adopt us? I can't even get my mother to visit ... make something, anything of a fraction of that caliber and imagination?? sigh.

Lolo - those look great; thanks!

Does anyone have a window seat that is not fully enclosed on three sides? That is, sticks out into the room at all?

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OT-but mama goose-that kitchen/workbench is amazing! I have twin (boy and girl) grandchildren and wouldn't they love that!! (although they would probably both be on one side or the other-no gender specific roles for them . . .)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Lol, aliris, I recently invited everyone in Smaller Homes forum to come over to swing. You are invited, too. :)

Below is a link to a blog, with pics of a gorgeous window seat, with instructions. You can also google to find a few that aren't completely enclosed.

leela4, thank you, I have no granddaughters (yet), but twin niece and nephew, 8yrs old, who are still young enough to enjoy the play center.

Here is a link that might be useful: Life&Ink

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I happened upon another interesting window seat, with very simple bookshelves.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is our window seat. The "caves" could easily be bookshelves.
The second drawer pulls out to be a work area/desk. Now you see it, now you don't!
The back folds down if you want to open the windows - The back has a piano hinge. I love to sit in the nook - sideways with pillows behind me and under my knees.


The table pops up if you want to use it to work or for treats

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Annie Deighnaugh

We built in the window seat...banquette.... in our breakfast nook to save space.

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gemini - that is all so cool! How deep is it please? That is, how deep must a window seat be in order to be comfortable? I'd like to minimize this dimension but there's nothing worse -- read, more uncomfortable, than sitting on a seat that's too marrow so your foot has to hang down, halfway, half in, half-out ... uncomfortable and then you just never sit there!

But mamagoose -- I think that link of yours is a good suggestion! You get the extra depth needed, but there's no abrupt change to knock your knees on and the shelving is still not so deep, plus when shelving gets deep it makes the whole feel so cave-like. I am worried about how to treat things up the side so it doesn't turn into a cave... this helps. Thanks!

Any more please? :) TIA!!!

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Don't know if this is of any use to you since this is not a kitchen window seat.
The first addition we made to the house when we moved in 20 years ago, this is in our bedroom. In another room bookcases would probably have flanked it. My fav. reading spot in some seasons, but sorta cold there just now. I do wish it was deeper. 18'' is not really enough for comfortable lounging.

The dog crate is an eyesore, but dog, here on bed, NEEDS to be with us at night, and uncrated she is on top of us. All 80 plus pounds of her.

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Although I love the look of window seats, I don't find them particularly comfortable. Since the room is small, and it's meant for reading, I might put in a comfortable chaise where I can curl up with a good book.

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pps -- that's sort of what the back of my mind is thinking ... frankly, even something like a daybed never seems to be all that comfy, and it's wider than any window seat ever would be.

Bellsmom, I love the curtain on the outside of the seat -- it's like those medieval beds set into the wall (or pullman berths!) which I always thought looked totally nifty.

Glolo - I forgot to mention how nice your nooks look, especially with the shelves inset right there. Mine wouldn't really have that luxury of space I don't think, though ... hmmm.... I wonder .... That's an interesting idea, building out and setting shelves to face in toward the seat? hmmm....

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