What to do with fresh eggs?

CathyChexApril 21, 2014

My aunt raises chickens and gave me a dozen fresh eggs yesterday. I hate the taste of cooked eggs (I know, I know!), and it seems like such a waste to just use them in some generic baked product. I was thinking about fresh pasta, but would love some other ideas/recipes.


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ice cream!!! I was just given 4 dozen from a friend's chickens ! We have pasta and ice cream and a pound cake planned...c

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Cream puffs?

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Mayonnaise, or deviled eggs, if the seasoning would mask the taste enough for you.

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A from-scratch lemon meringue pie

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Flan. Or maybe a frittata with lots of vegies/tomatoes/herbs/cheese?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Make kruschiki...it takes 9 egg yolks and the are the best lightest cookies ever. This is the Polish version, but my Hungarian grandmother used to make them....haven't had them in decades.

Save the whites to make meringues.

Here is a link that might be useful: kruschiki

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Ice cream! Duh! How did I not think of that. LOL That's going to the top of the list.

All of these are great ideas. We don't eat a lot of mayonnaise, but I'll bet it would be fabulous.

When using raw eggs, what about the salmonella concerns? I know my aunt refrigerates the eggs right away -- but, I think I've read that it's about the shell, no?

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"---When using raw eggs, what about the salmonella concerns? ----"

Don't take a chance!

Google how to pasteurize the eggs yourself. Not a lot of trouble.


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If you don't like the taste of eggs, definitely separate them. Egg white recipes and yolk recipes no longer have the eggy taste. Egg whites freeze well. Yolks do also but best for cooking.
I avoid raw egg so don't know much about the dangers. The rare occasion i want a thicker dressing or mayo i use a med boiled egg in the blender.

So many choices for yolks and whites!
I like the sound of the 'Meyer lemon Chicken Soup' in this collection...
It uses yolks.

Here is a link that might be useful: leftover whites and yolks

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Angel food cake with the whites.

Crème Brule with the yolks.

Left Over Egg Yolks:

Leftover Egg Whites:

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If you eat your eggs over easy, there's still the "salmonella risk". The government agencies used to say that there was salmonella in one out of every 20,000 eggs, now they say maybe it's more like 10,000, but they don't really know.

Salmonella will grow more quickly in unrefrigerated eggs, but the problem isn't the shell. Eggs have a natural coating or bloom which seals the pores of the shell and prevents contaminants from entering. However, a salmonella infected egg is infected while still in the chicken, and it doesn't usually migrate through the shell.

Salmonella is from keeping birds in dirty and crowded conditions, from contaminated feed, sometimes contamination from wild animals. It cannot be tasted or detected.

However, if you are confident with your egg source and are a healthy adult, it's not as much an issue. I eat eggs from my own hens raw or runny regularly and don't worry. I wouldn't feed the ice cream to my infant granddaughter or to my elderly and ill neighbor, but don't hesitate to eat it myself. Salmonella can be much more harmful for the very young, very old and immunocompromised.

Would I eat a commercially produced egg runny? Yes, of course I would, and have many times in the past, as I think that one in 10,000 chance is pretty miniscule.

So, is there a risk? Yes. Is it small/minute? Yes. Is it more likely to get salmonella poisoning from handling raw chicken, or from washing your salad greens in the sink after handling raw chicken? Yes. Your risk to take, you decide. I do it regularly, but don't expect others to without warning.

Now, that ice cream. My favorite recipe calls for cooking a custard first, and it takes 5 or 6 minutes. Since I like that custard based ice cream, that's what I do and it has nothing to do with raw eggs, only what I like enters into it.


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