How to downsize a pttern ?

daylilydayzedOctober 5, 2008

I am going to knit my oldest son a sweater for Christmas but the pattern he choose doesn't have a size small enough to fit him. He would wear an Extra small if that was possible. The pattern I am asking how to downsize is a pdf file from Vogue website. It is the Mens Cabled Crewneck. By deducting the next largest size from the largest size and so on down to the small deducted from the medium size, the difference between sizes is 8 stitches. In the steps for the neck shaping could I deduct one stitch from the smallest size directions and so on for every shaping instructions to get an extra small size?

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What about using a smaller size needles?

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That is what I did. I went down two sizes of needles.I am on the 4th row of the back patterns. I just started it last night

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I think your plan of deduction sounds like it would work. Give it a try.

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Well I made a mistake in one of the charts so I frogged it back and started over . I also casted on the stitches on the larger needle to knit them off with the smaller needle so it would be easier to knit it off. I went with a size 7 and 8 needles.

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I can't get your pattern to load...
But if you use a smaller needle the sweater will bhecome tighter and lose it's "hand".
You need to knit a swatch, check your gauge then see how much you need to decrease the size. I do thin by finding a sweater that fits and measuring. Then figure out how many stitches and rows you will need to cut down to make it right.
You may need to eliminate one element of the design if it's an allover pattern.
Linda C

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Linda C,
It is a mens cabled sweater I have the gauge already I just had to down size the needles to go with the yarn choice to get the gauge right.

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