Same Price. Which would you go with?

designergreyMay 13, 2011

So after the research, the calculations on size and finding qualified installers it all is coming down to two units. Exact same price. Just under $7,000.

A Trane XL14c packaged unit heat pump or Lennox 15CHPX Packaged Heat Pump.

If I was deciding without any further input I would go for the Lennox because it is a 15 SEER vs. the Trane 14 seer.

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what is your location?

what size are you considering?

units have demand defrost or time defrost?

what size heat strip?

I believe you are misinformed about the Seer efficiency.

According to AHRI Directory, on a three ton system, Trane has as good if not better performance/eff numbers.

Post back.


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Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Size: 3 Ton

Defrost: I'm not sure, I will have to find out how each unti handles its defrost.

SEER: I am going of the websites and quotes. The Lennox Says 15 SEER and the Trane says 14 SEER.

Heat Strip: Both quotes say "Electric Back-up Heat". I've never used the heat function on the current packaged unit. It just doesn't get cold enough to need it. Even when we had some below 32 degrees here.

Do I need to specify a specific size heat strip for my area?

Thanks for the information. I will look into the details.

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