Puppet Mittens

queenpalmOctober 25, 2005

I remember making puppet mittens for my children way back in the 70's. There was no thumb but the top and bottom were similar, with an inset for the mouth. I remember making puppies or bunnies. Thought I'd like to try for my granddaughter but can't find any pattern like it. Does anyone have one from way back when?



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I've been a lurker here for some time. I love reading about everyones projects. I just ran across this pattern for hand puppet puppies. Peggie, Is this what you had in mind?http://patriot.net/~annette/patterns/puppets/index.html

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Thanks for taking the time to find these. This is not exactly what I made many years ago but are so cute that I am going to give them a try. You are right, it is so much fun to see what others are making and how they came out.

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My Mom just sent me the pattern book for the ones she made me in the early 70's so I could knit them for my daughter- It's a pattern book published in 1970- and the puppet mittens are a dog, cat, mouse and elephant option.

It's knitted in worsted weight, and I LOVED these mittens as a child. There are no thumbs, and it is knitted in two pieces (an insert for the mouth). It looks very simple and fun.

The pattern book is "Jack Frost, The Gypsy Knit Togethers, Volume 80."

I saw one on e-bay for $5.

Hope this helps

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I just returned from Holiday traveling and was delighted to get this information. This is exactly the pattern I was looking for. I made the puppy mittens for my son soooo many years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll check around to see if I can find the book.
Have a great Holiday Season.

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I'm looking for a pattern that I'm quite sure was put out by Beehive (Paton's) and it was a 'dragon' mitten. It had scales and teeth and WAS knitted much different that the standard ones. THe area beteen the thumb and first finger served as the mouth. I have a feeling that it may be the same pattern that queenpalm was looking for(????)

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Please do not e-mail me and ask me to send you a copy of a copyrighted pattern.

I am sorry you are looking for a puppet mitten pattern and haven't found one, but I am not prepared to become a supplier of illegally copied mitten patterns.

E-bay occasionally has them up for auction, or there are other puppet mittens available on the web.

Thank you.

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Megret, I am not sure what prompted your post. I have not e-mailed you. I got the book from e-bay and have not asked you to photo copy anything for me. I appreciated the information you gave me and am sure there is some kind of a misunderstanding.

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My post was not directed at you at all- I am sorry.

I keep getting e-mails every week (originating from my post in this forum) requesting that I either sell my mother's copy of the pattern I mentioned, or that I simply supply a photocopy. I am just tired of getting constant requests simply because I posted the pattern book title last year. I was sharing the information I had to be helpful, and it backfired on me a bit.

I am not trying to be mean or spiteful, I simply cannot provide what people keep asking for- and I was asking not to be e-mailed in the future.

I am sorry I was not clear, and that my post caused a misunderstanding.


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I posted this on another site and glad to post it here also. Go to leisureartslibrary.com and type in puppet mittens. It will take you to Leaflet 2275 which is a pattern in several sizes of puppet mittens. It costs $3.99, no tax and you can download it immediately and print it out. Pretty good deal I would say. Hope this helps everyone interested.

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Meg, if you wish, you can change your member page so that no one can e-mail you.

Joe, I didn't know that you had time to knit, you've been so busy lately!! LOL!

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Link for knitted alligator or dinosaur puppet mittens here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alligator or Dinosaur Puppet Mittens

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Sorry, I thought the pattern for them was at that link.

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my mom made Snuffy the skunk & willy the whale mittens for me.
the pair was one of each animal. i know it was a kit (perhaps Bucilla?)
they were knitted
I thought I save them but cannot find them.

anyone know hoe I could recreate or find pattern ???
thx, sue

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