How do you knit bobbles (balls)?

flowersandthingsOctober 22, 2005

Hi believe or not I am having the hardest time finding info on the web on how to knit bobbles. There are plenty of patterns on items "with" bobbles but not on how to make the bobbles themselves. For example..... I want to know how to make bobbles so I can adapt them to my own pattern..... like I want to try to duplicate this A&E (American Eagle Outfitters) scarf: (at bottom of page)..... So does anyone know of or can explain some easy instructions on how to make a bobble? Thanks. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bobble (snowball) scarf: (click larger view for larger view): .... :)

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I knit a scarf with bobbles. I put a moss or seed stitch border on it to prevent curling. I originally made the bobble part as a panel in an afghan, and then decided it would make a nice scarf, which it does, especially in Caron Simply Soft. I need to look it up, and I will post it later.

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Thanks because I'd love to knit the above scarf I also have a cute idea for a little kid's scarf that needs a bobble stitch. I envisioned navy wool (yarn) bordered on each side bottom with a white bobble stitch (to look like snow) Then after a few rows of snow I would use large bobbles? to make a snow man (embroider eyes nose etc.) and above him and around him for a few rows put in fair isle or intarsia or whatever you want to call it snowflakes so it looked like a snowy scene. The same could also probably go with a Santa? (How would you knit a santa?) in place of the snowman. :)

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There are many methods of knitting bobbles. Here's one that you can start with: Select the stitch which is to become a bobble. K into the front, then the back of the stitch, and do it again, twice more. You now have 6 stitches, made from one, on your right-hand needle. Turn your work and knit these 6 stitches. Turn your work again, lift stitch #2 over stitch #1 and drop it, then do the same with the other 4 stitches. You are now back to the one stitch you started with, and have a bobble.

Variations: Instead of knitting in the front, then the back of the stitch, you can knit, then purl into the same stitch. You can do less stitches for a smaller bobble - 4 stitches make a nice, small "bump". If you want a giant, turn your work and knit the bubble stitches several times.

Bring out the scrap yarn and do a small swatch, making bobbles of various sizes, then decide which one you like best and use that. Make notes on how many stitches/rows you use on each - it is really hard to count after the bobble is made, and we do forget . . .

A horror story: My dear MIL got an Aran afghan from me for Christmas. One of the panels had bobbles. One day she called me and asked if I could help - the afghan needed mending. On inspection, I found that she had cut off a number of bobbles - they bothered her when the used the afghan. Needless to say, she was not a knitter. I made her a new, bobble-less afghan. Loved that woman!

Good luck! Anne B

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Loved that woman! I'd kill her! Even I'd suspect some nonknitters would now you couldn't cut something like that off..... nor should you..... especially if you know what an aran is! :) What do you mean by "turn the work over"?

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Well, you have opened up a lot of questions. First, the popcorn stitch as I call it. This scarf when completed is alternating rows of popcorn stitches.

Popcorn Stitch Neck Scarf

Materials--Caron Simply Soft worsted (6-10 ounces) and size 15 knitting needles. Use a double strand of the yarn for this pattern.

Cast on 24 stitches.

Row 1: k1, p1 across.
Row 2: p1, k1 across. ( This is the seed or moss stitch--you are purling above every knit stitch and knitting above every purl stitch).
Row 3 and 4--repeat rows 1 and 2

Starting at row 5, for the remainder of the body of the scarf, keep a border of seed or moss stitch on the 1st 4 stitches and last 4 stitches of each row. The rest of the directions are for the center 16 stitches.
Row 5: 4 stitches of the seed stitch, p 16, 4 stitches of the seed stitch.
Row 6: *(k, p, k) all in the same stitch, p 3 tog, repeat 3 more times from * across to last 4 stitches which will be in seed stitch.
Row 7: Repeat row 5.
Row 8: 4 seed stitch border, p 3 tog, (k,p,k) all in one stitch. Repeat from * 3 more times to last 4 st in seed pattern.
Row 9: Repeat row 5.
Continue by repeating rows 5-9 until it is as long as you like. Make the last row of the pattern row 5.

Do the seed stitch for the last 4 rows to make the border. Bind off in seed stitch.

The Simply Soft makes this scarf luscious. Enjoy.

The popcorn stitch is composed of 3 stitches made in one stitch, so you twist your needles around to make it much like when you twist then around to make an increase.

How would I knit a Santa? Well, I would be sure to use white angora for his beard and fur.

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Flowersandthings, turning your work is what you do at the end of every row. When you make bobbles - at least when you are learning - it is easier to knit the newly made bobble stitches if you turn your work and knit "from the other side".

I really loved my MIL - she was a well-known professional woman, but clueless when it came to any type of craft. The "bobble-episode" is now part of our family history!

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What does it mean to knit into the front/back of the stitch? I know the point is to increase the number of stitches, but I can't mentally visual how this is done?

Can anyone clarify for me?? Thanks!

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The link below has a video which may help. Scroll down to "bar increase".

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting help

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Thanks threejsmom!! The video was just what I needed to see!

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I recently knitted a child's sweater with bobbles. The pattern (from lion brand) called for making the bobbles separately from the garment, and attaching them. Here are the directions using a size 10 needle:

Bobbles: (Make 8 Pink and 6 Blue): With larger needles, cast on 1 st. K into the front and back of this st twice (4 sts). (P 1 row, k 1 row) twice. Pass the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sts over the first to bind off. Cut yarn, leaving long strand; draw strand through remaining st on needle to fasten off. Thread strand in needle and with running stitch around edge, draw bobble closed. Securely sew 4 pink and 3 blue bobbles scattered over each front of sweater.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stripes and bobbles sweater

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I hope this helps

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i would like instructions on how to knit bobbles and tams. also any pictutrd

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