Cook's Essentials deep-fryer?? Foodsaver 'universal' lid??

klseiverdApril 21, 2012

Bought one today, at a yard sale. Seller assured me it works great... have to assume he wasn't lying to me. It was pretty clean (not spotless as had been used) and all but electric part can go in dishwasher. reason(s) for selling... typical... don't fry that much, got bored with it, took up too much space.

From what I could find, Cooks Essentials is something from QVC (or HSN?). What I got wasn't a high end item... under $50, I think... I paid less than $10. WOuld like to find a manual, but any googling just goes to QVC/HSN. Any suggestions?

Also found another Foodsaver cannister. I love them for stuff that can get stale (like crackers, croutons, bread crumbs, etc) or anything that can attract bugs (oatmeal, rice, pasta, etc). It came with something called a "universal lid" Can't find much about it, even at FS site. If ya have one... any info to pass along?

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I love the FoodSaver Universal Lids. I have 8 of them and use them all the time. They came two per pack in two sizes - 4-inch and 5.5-inch. You can turn nearly any rigid container with a smooth opening into a canister. The Universal Lid doesn't have to be the exact size as the opening to work.


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Only thing I did find out about them was in FAQs at Foodsaver site. Said thin plastic or glass could IMPLODE?? Thinking old mayo jars (plastic and glass??)... not a good idea. Tho I didn't measure... one I picked up has to be the 5.5 inch. I have several square jars... bigger opening than wide-mouth Mason jars, but smaller than this lid-thingie. Don't have anything that I want to seal in them, but will probably just play around with this new gizmo to see how it works.

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Found the information sheet for FoodSaver Universal Lids and thought it might be helpful. -Grainlady

1. Place your FoodSaver machine on a flat, dry surface and plug the power cord into a standard electric outlet.

2. The universal lid is labeled "Open," "Vacuum," and "Closed." Turn the knob on the universal lid so the arrow points to "Vacuum."

3. Place the UL on the top of the open container.

4. Insert one end of the accessory hose into the accessory port on your FoodSaver machine.

5. Insert the other end of the accessory hose into the hole on the top of the UL.

6. Follow the steps for vacuum packaging as outlined in your User Manual.

7. Turn the knob on the UL so the arrow points to "Closed."

How to Open the FoodSaver UL:
To open the FoodSaver UL, turn the knob so the arrow points to "Open." You should now be able to remove the UL from the container.

Care and Cleaning Instructions:

1. All FoodSaver accessories should be washed in warm water using a mild dishwashing soap.

2. Dry thoroughly before using.

1. Make sure that the rim of the container is smooth and flat. Ragged edges will prevent a vacuum from forming.

2. Make sure the rubber gasket underneath the UL and the rim of the container are free from food materials, crumbs, etc.

3. Make sure the knob on the UL is closing and opening properly and that there are no food materials caught inside.

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Thanks for the infor on the UL, Grainlady. Have a use for it to see how it works.

Cleaned up and tried out the fryer... works nicely. Doesn't get hot on outside... container for oil sits inside another part. No spattering at all. Uses almost 3 quarts of oil to get to the "min" marking inside container. I know I can get several uses out of the oil... with light use and NOT fish. Have a BIG pickle jar on shelf in garage that was just too-something to toss. When oil is cool, will strain and store in that jar with the UL... figure might keep it better than just screw on lid??

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