instant hot and water filter system questions

M_N_AJanuary 22, 2014

I am planning to put in an under sink water filter system and an instant hot water dispenser in the kitchen. need help for a few questions

1. is there single product that combines water filtration system and instant hot together, and supplies both hot and cold water?
e.g. does this one dispense cold water?

2. if i have to get separate systems, can I chain them together and dispense on one single hot&cold faucet?
water supplier ___ filter ___ hot&cold faucet cold line
:__ instant hot ___ hot&cold faucet hot line
Is there any problem with the filtered water supplying both the cold faucet line and instant hot? how will the "Y" connection work?

3. I was looking for hot&cold dispenser faucet and they are as expensive as kitchen faucet.
how is this faucet? is the quality reasonable?

4. I am looking at these 2 systems. but they each come with a separate faucet. Is it possible to get the unit without the faucet? I did some search but couldn't find it

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We have a whole house filter. It filters the water before it goes to any appliances or faucets. We also have a hot water dispenser. Our filter is a GE and from lowes or HD. We buy the replacement filters there. It has worked out just fine.

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we are not putting whole house treatment, only the under sink models.

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The reason I mentioned the whole house filter was at the time the cost was the same to put in a whole house filter as it was for just at the sink.

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If you have enough issues with water quality that you need under sink filtration, then you have enough issues that your whole home will benefit from treatment. It's more than taste. It's about the mineral deposits that accumulate inside your pipes and faucets and shower valves. It's not just about the deposits on the outside.

So, what does your water test say about your water quality? And how do you anticipate using your filtered water and heated water? Analyze the functionality of the situation first, before starting to talk actual components. Putting in the latest and greatest GW must have isn't always needed. It's often overkill for your actual needs.

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is the hot water for beverages or cleaning?

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Not to confuse you more, but there is an earlier thread which has some other peoples' experiences doing this.

GardenWeb: Confused! Options for instant hot water AND water filter?

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both the cold and hot water are for drinking.

We have not tested the water. We currently use countertop filter and hot water boiler. Just want to get them under the sink. It's a more habit/paranoia/convenience. Cost wise it's not much overkill also.

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I thought the whole house filters do the main filtering and then under sink ones are for even deeper(?) filtration?
so you still need the kitchen filter even if you have the whole house filterâ¦

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