bad gas meter

joe_mnMay 23, 2011

our gas meter has wireless data transmission. seems in december the meter stopped working. we have fixed/budget plan. called gas co about very low bill in jan/feb and they said meter would be replaced and bill would be estimated. tech came out a few weeks ago and said our meter needed special hookup so they rescheduled it. still waiting. so i just realized, i could have turned the heat up to 80F and only paid for our average use. house temp is kept low but it is comfortable. not a big deal but i could have gotten extra gas for no charge.

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I doubt it. The gas company recently installed a wireless transmitter on my gas meter. I think they did a special reading when they installed it. They then did readings again starting at the regular time but not remotely. Your meter still has the usage on it currently (most likely), its just not getting transmitted.

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