Portable Air Conditioners

saltidawgMay 2, 2011

I was an active poster here last year and got lots of help in replacing my A/C and oil furnace.

My son lives in CT. He has the need to cool a room or two that do not have windows that can accept an window air conditioner. Also, he does not own the house so thru the wall options are non-existent.

He's considering two portable air conditioners - running air ducts to the windows to exhaust the heat.

Any advice on brands, models, things to consider? (I would think condensate disposal and electric demand would be an issue.) He does not pay for utilities so efficiency is a consideration for green reasons... but not for his expenses.


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I see a similar thread half way down the page.

I apologize, but maybe some additional info might come available for both of us.

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One-hose models exhaust air from the room to cool the condenser. That means you are continuously sucking in outside air to make that up. That can make for a damp, clammy-feeling room. The efficiency loss is obvious It is kind of like heating a house with a open fireplace or stove. Two-hose models draw outside air through the condenser more analogous to a sealed combustion device.

IIRC, most of these units evaporate the condensate to aid in cooling. In addition, they have a tank with a float switch safety in case of very humid weather.

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I'm a homeowner,not a HVAC tech, but I have found mine very acceptable for cooling. You have to drain the water into a bucket or drain but it works when you have no other options. I bought mine at Home Depot. If I remember to look up the brand, I'll re-post but it has been good for the last few years.

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