Pros and cons of round prep sink vs. square

quiltgirlJanuary 2, 2013

Thanks to all the great suggestions here, I have decided to put the prep sink on my island across from the stove. However, since my island is only 6 feet long, would a round 15" prep sink be a better fit than a square or rectangular one? For those of you who have a round prep sink, have you had any issues with size, shape etc?

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I had a 17" round prep sink in my previous kitchen and loved it. I think the size is more important than the shape. Think about how you'll use it. I use mine to drain pasta (as well as general food prep) and wanted one large enough to hold a colander. My current sink is an 18" square. Would have loved a round sink but it was a $$ decision. Just make sure your prep sink will be big enough for your needs. A 15" prep sink would have been too small for me. I would haven't have wanted to go any smaller than my 17" and find my 18" is the perfect size.

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Thanks Poohpup! Is your current sink under mounted? What about the round one? I really like the looks of the round sink. It sort of softens all the square lines in my kitchen plan, but was not sure it would be quite as useful as a square. (Washing dishes, clean up, draining kettles etc.)

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We've got a round secondary sink with an interior diameter of about 15". Because of its location, it's usually used for making tea/coffee, filling pitchers, rinsing veggies for salads, etc (the main sink is the one nearest the stove, so that one is used for serious prep and meats). Our biggest colander fits in it very nicely; other than that, I don't think it'd make a difference if it were round or square/rectangular. It's just fine for dumping pasta water if somebody else is using the big sink; it doesn't seem small at all. And it's much easier to clean the corners of this one than our zero radius main sink. Because it doesn't have any. [big grin]

We have wood countertops, so ours is a drop-in sink. I didn't pick it because of the price, but I didn't argue about it either. ha. (The strainer we put in cost about as much as the sink...) The thinner gauge works just fine for us and frankly I can't tell the difference in gauge with our big sink. Anyway, I like the round shape just fine and I don't think it really makes much difference other than aesthetics -- as long as you can fit a colander in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea round sink

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I know this thread is many months old but northcarolina if you are still on the site I would like to know what the depth of your ikea round sink is. I could not find that information on their website.

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Still lurking from time to time. :) It's 6" deep.

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Thanks, northcarolina.

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