Learning how to crochet for lefties

galladinOctober 17, 2010

I learned how to crochet a few years back and I would like to know what peoples biggest question is on how to learn to crochet for left handed people. I am considering teaching family and friends and would like to learn peoples biggest questions on the subject. Thanks :)

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It would depend on what they want to make. I can crochet with either hand, DD is right handed but crochet's left handed. Who taught her? Me, and I do it right handed! If they are only going to make dishcloths or afghans, it shouldn't make a huge difference. Follow the pattern exactly as written. If they are making a garment, it might make a difference, might be reversed. I can't help with that, as I have never crocheted a garment.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I have taught people how to crochet that are right handed it just more patients. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated thanks. :)

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I am left-handed and I never have problems with pattern instructions. Like Tami says, if you have different shaping on the sides (like a cardigan sweater would have) you just read the left side pattern as the right side and vice versa.

If you're a righty just teaching lefties, sit across from them instead of beside them...that way your movements are going the same way theirs are. That's how my mom taught me tatting & embroidery.

I think people get freaked out about teaching lefties, and it usually turns out to not be a big deal! You can do it!


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I used the book 123 crochet by leisure arts as it had great left handed photos of the stitches. Also used these left handed videos which helped. Then after a bit I realized I am just doing the opposite of right handed and got the hang of it all. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Left handed videos

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Here are some more excellent LH tutorials - video and verbal, slow motion :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Left-handed tutorials on YouTube

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i'm a lefty, i learned from my mom who is right handed...i learned by watching her in a mirror or sitting across from her. there are youtube videos that help when i have issues. I have a few issues here and there with making things, but usually can fudge it along, its usually not the pattern, its my inexperience. just have patience! :D

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