daggone knit and purl rows - question!

dcrowexOctober 16, 2006

I am doing an afghan and each row is K (first row) and then K7, P7 (second row) K 3rd row, then K7 and P7 4th row, etc . the cast on was 107 stitches. somehow, when i knit after the K7 P7, i end up with about 8 more stitches. i have pulled it back out a few times and cannot figure out why this is happening. i am careful that when i come to the switch between the K and P from the previous row that I am not counting each loop at 1 individual one, but knitting these two together. it sort of looks like a loop where the stitch is switched on the previous row so I treat it as one stitch, but i am still ending up with too many stitches. what should i be looking for?

thank you!


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Deb, I don't think I understand what you mean by ROW in your description.

If you knit row 1, then K7 P7 across row 2, it won't work out because 107 is not evenly divisable by 7. You would K7 P7 7 times (98 stitches) then have 9 stitches leftover. Something is wrong with that count.

Can you post the EXACT wording of the instructions, just the part you are having trouble with?

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Thanks for responding. i didnt give the whole directions, rather was just trying to show that every other row was opposite but you have a point. here are the actual directions:

Cast on 107 stitches. Do not join but work back and forth in rows as follows:

Row 1 (right side): Knit

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: K1,P7, *K7,P7; rep from * to last st; K1

Row 3 and every right side row: Knit

Rows 12, 14, 16, 18, 20: K8, *P7, K7; rep from * to last st; K1

Repeat rows 1-20 for pat until approx 54" from beginning, end Row 1 or 11.

On wrong side, bind off loosely in K. Fasten off. weave in ends.

Just to note, I am using 2 strands of yarn as called for but they are two completely different colors and I can see easily that I am only picking up one of each color in each stitch. Also, it called for circular needles but after doing a few rows on these needles, the little twine pulled out of the needle and I had to start all over again - this time on regular needles.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this. I will wait to see what you say before I try to do another row again.

Kind regards.

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When you switch from purling to knitting, are you remembering to bring your yarn back to the back before knitting again? This would be a yarn over, and would result in an extra stitch or two.

Hope that helps.

~ Kit

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I think your problem is when you switch from knitting to purling and from purling to knitting. When you switch the yarn from the back after knitting to the front to purl, be sure that when you pull the yarn forward (or to the back) that you do so BETWEEN the needles, not over them. If you pull the yarn over the needle, you will create a loop that looks like a stitch. And that is how you are getting all those extra stitches.

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ironkit/sheila, i have read what you are saying about pulling the yarn back or forward and i just watched a video on purling and it does in fact seem that is exactly what i am doing wrong. i can see how not pulling the yarn back is creating an extra stitch. thank you very much. something so simple created all this havoc for me! i really appreciate your help and will give it a try again now that i know what i am doing wrong.

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Deb, if the circular needle came apart, return it to the store you purchased it from and get your money back or a new needle!!! You will find, once you get the pattern figured out, that knitting it on straight needles is going to make your arms and hands very tired, and the afghan will bunch up on the needles. Anything you can knit on straight needles, you can knit with circulars, as long as you remember not to join the knitting, when knitting a flat item.


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Seems like if you, on your even rows, K1, then begin your multiples of 7 beginning with purl, you will do 15 sets of 7, ending with 7 purled stitches, and then the last stitch on that row is supposed to be K1. And there you have 107 stitches. The two Knit stitches at beginning and end of each row, plus 7 x 15 which equals 105, makes 107.

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10:
K1,P7, *K7,P7; rep from * to last st; K1

Right? That's how I read the pattern instructions anyway.
Good luck!

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thanks for the continued input. i still end up with an extra stitch now and then but when i go back and count the 7's i see where i messed up. thank you!

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