knit pattern for 'abc thru z' blanket

newontarionianOctober 6, 2008

hello ..

i just became a new grandmother. mmm. i remembered my favorite alphabet blanket from this site but can no longer find it :-(

it was not debbie bliss or anything although i guess it looked a bit like it. maybe some of the stitches for each letter was made from a knit popcorn or bobble stitch .. i cant really remember.

does anyone have this wonderful pattern which was highlighted on this forum some years ago?

thank you very much



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Here's a link to the crochet pattern. It has come up on this forum a few times with people interested in it. I remember someone called Wendy the Pooh posted her picture of it. I wonder if she's still here. I made a note that she did it with Sirdar Snuggly and a D hook. She suggested using a G hook with worsted.

I've thought about making it but think it might get boring after a while. I do like the alphabet theme and I might make it since I'll be a grandma soon too.

Here is a link that might be useful: ABC afghan

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I think it looks cute. Something I must try. It seems to need a border, which I think is done in the photograph. I think I might play around with hearts in the blank squares.

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socks ...

thank you so much for sending that lovely link. i know it can be transferred into a knitting pattern, but, unfortunately .. that isnt the one i saw here some years ago :-(

shielajoyce ...

i am sure you are going to be making a heirloom from that alphabet blanket .. mmm


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That would be adorable with hearts in the corners, Sheila. Does the picture look like it has a popcorn stitch for the border? It does need something to give it a finished look.

Here's another link to an improved graph in case anyone wants it.

Here is a link that might be useful: abc afghan

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