Baleen needles

sandra_fergusonOctober 23, 2007

Iris, I went to Joann's today and found the Baleen a couple pairs and came home and tried them...and, I think I'm in love! Now I want to know why ALL needles aren't like this on the tip? Anyway, does anyone know of circular needles with tips like this? And, do you think I could file down and then sand smooth, wooden circular needles? I'm willing to give it a try if there aren't any circulars like it. Gee, I REALLY like them.

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Looks like they do make circular needles: Balene Needles

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Yup......I, too, found some on line. I think I'll have to put them on my Christmas wish list. I really do like those pointy tips.

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I like the tips but noticed that they don't work well with yarns that split easily -- the small pointy tip that allows them to slide right into a stitch also allows them to slide right into the yarn -- just something to be aware of.

Happy knitting!

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I hadn't thought of that, but see how it could happen. However, I generally work just with pretty straightforward wool yarn, so the problem shouldn't arise often, for me. Sometimes, though, I use a second, decorative yarn with the wool, so I'd better keep away from the Baleens on those occasions.

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I assume you are talking about the concave tip shape, which is my favorite too. Another brand of needles that has these tip is Bryspun, and they are available in lots of circular sizes, called Bry-Flex. They are pearl gray and have a very nice feel. I've found them at lille yarn shops.

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I just got a pair of size 13 Balene needles, and I don't like them at all...what is it that you ladies like about them? I am using Lion Brand Homespun yarn and I find that it won't slide easily along these large needles unless I make really loose stitches, which don't look good at all!


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Claudia, I'll keep my eyes open for Bryspun that I know I like the 'style'....
Donna, what I like is the little dip close to the tip of the needle, that seems to 'grab' the yarn and keep it from sliding around so much...(plus, the tip itself is smaller than one would find on a regular needle of the size you're using. I'm currently using a size 11, but the tip is much smaller, which facilitates things. (but, the size of the needle doesn't have anything to do with the very different needle tip design, which is what I like.)

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Those tips are great for lace work. The Bryspun circulars have nice flexible cords. You might want to check out the cords on the Balene circulars before you buy them. A stiff, twisty cord is a pain.

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