Pantry/cabinet organization hardware recs?

kitchen4champJanuary 8, 2010

Hi all,

I'd love to hear advice and recommendations on the best brands for cabinet and pantry organization hardware.

I hear Blum is the best for soft-close drawer slides. What's the equivalent "gold standard" for in-cabinet stuff?

Is there a company I should look into for pantry systems (Mine's a double door 32" wide pantry - like a closet - not a pull out thing), also corner systems, spice drawers, cool things I don't even know about yet but you love in your kitchen, etc!

Thanks so much for any input!

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my sister just bought a house where they had used california closets to outfit the pantry and master closets. the pantry was 5x8 with open shelves, adjustable, and some had open shelf pullouts for can goods and such. very nice pantry. I understand that california closets can be pricey, but they have a nice layout for orgainzation.

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Melissa Houser

I'm not into any particular brand, but I've had good luck with a few specific items in my cabinets, most of them from wally world.

My current pantry has wood shelves and a wood door, so I mounted a metal rack to the back of the door to hold spices, aluminum foil and coffee filters. Hanging from each wood shelf is a wire basket with u-shaped handles at the top. These baskets hold dried beans, packets of side dishes (noodles, rice, etc) and towels/potholders.

I used a bathroom grab bar as a pot rack with s-hooks over the stove. I hang my skillets, in-use potholders and such from that. I took an old wooden "Welcome" sign and added screw in hooks along the bottom. It is a great place to hang those cooking utensils that I use at every meal, along with measuring cups.

In my dish cupboard, I have a hanging rack for coffee cups, together with a corner stackable that holds my dishes. I stack the bowls in the middle of the corner stackable because my cabinet isn't very tall inside.

I posted a picture last night of my kitchen shelves over the sink. I have two sets of canisters on the shelves. The white canisters hold flour, sugar and tea bags, while the orange ones hold splenda, coffee and little "jibble" stuff (silicone cupcake holders, egg slicer, measuring spoons).

I also have a white metal square container on there that holds snacks, which I dump out of their boxes directly into that container.

Here's the shelf:

The racks made to hold sodas in the fridge work great in the pantry to hold cans of veggies. I use one for each kind of veggie (peas, corn, beans) and then I have one in the snack cupboard for soups and chili.

In my old pantry, I installed a wooden shelf with dividers in it and a piece of wood at the front edge as a stopper. This worked really well for canned goods, but I don't have that much room in the new place.

I have a piece of non-slip shelf paper inside a drawer to hold my knives, with each knife's outline drawn on the paper so everyone knows where they go. Since I'm in FL, I don't like knife blocks because they seem to attract bugs.

I do, however, use an old-fashioned metal bread box for my bread.

I know you're looking for more "formal" storage solutions, but mine work well, look good, and cost a fraction of what the fancy add-ons cabinet manufacturers want to charge.

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Haefel, Richelieu, Lee Valley (Canada).

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IKEA -- Just reworked the inside of a pantry closet with ikea cabinets and drawers. I hung one wall cabinet above 2 base cabinets stacked on top of each other. I reduced the depth of the base cabinets to 21.5 in - just deep enough for the ikea drawers and my closet space. The drawers are wonderful, easy to assemble, sturdy, adjustable and smooth running. I went from 5 stationary wooden shelves to 7 roll outs and 4 shelves. The amount of storage has grown exponentially. And it is all easily accessible. I love it. As you can see from the photos, the door still needs to be re-hung and a bit of trim needs to go up.

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I'm the queen of organization in my kitchen. The entire kitchen was designed around where everything would go for maximum functionality.

My pantry is a 30" deep, 12" wide (actually narrower because of the frame) pullout but it packs a wallop when it comes to what it holds and it's all accessible. Most of it is in Tupperware modular Mates.

Herbs and spices are in jars in a drawer

Corner units both have Haefele Magic corner II units

I have custom cabinets so other features aren't so readily available like my can storage but if you know exactly what will be stored where then you'll find you don't need much.

Blum for draw glides and soft close hinges on the doors.

In our upper cabinets, I have items in clear shoe bins. They act as removable drawers so I can reach up and pull down the bin and I have access to everything from the front to the back of the very highest shelves.

I waited till I'd worked in the kitchen a month or two and then I used the Lee Valley drawer dividers and plywood to customize the inside of the drawers. I did 5 drawers for around $50 and everything fits perfectly,much better than any premade units.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley Drawer dividers

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And a label machine - it will be your BEST friend. It helps everyone else to remember where things go as well

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I have the Haefele Magic Corner and I love it! I use it for all my baking supplies. Not one inch of wasted space in that dreaded corner cabinet.

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MuleMom  Can you add those IKEA drawers to any cabinet?

My last kitchen was an IKEA kitchen and I *loved* it. We just moved and it will be a while before we start the Kitchen Reno here, but if I could get the IKEA drawers into these awful stationary cabinets  that would be beyond wonderful!

Loves2Cook4Six  Thanks for sharing your organization ideas. I hope this thread will continue  a well organized kitchen is a treat. I didnÂt know about those Lee Valley Drawer Dividers  so that is a great find! As mentioned  I had IKEA drawers before and they have wonderful dividers. I could not believe how useLess and expensive off the shelf dividers are! We actually had some IKEA ones left over that we modified and are working well  but I really like those Lee Valley ones too. My dang drawers are not full extension  how I *hate* that! So much wasted space!

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Lissa in zone 9, Your kitchen and all the organization tools are very creative, thoughtful and charming. Budget friendly. Good job!

Everyone's organization is terrific!

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Loves2Cook4Six - The IKEA drawers could work on other cabinets but, the sizing is made to fit into their frameless cabinet sizes. The size takes into account two 3/4 in sides, so a drawer for a 24in IKEA cabinet actually fits into an interior that is 22.5in. Another company's frameless cabinet might easily accommodate the ikea drawer, while a framed cabinet would have to have the interior sides built up to allow the drawer to pass the frame. If after building up the sides, the interior size could be matched with an IKEA drawer size, it could be done, but that is pretty unlikely IMHO.

I was able to do it in my closet because I put the IKEA cabinet boxes in the closet to form the new sides to the pantry. And have I said how much I LOVE it?

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loves2cook4six, do you know where you (or your cabinet maker) got the hardware for a 30" deep pantry pullout? I want one in my kitchen remodel, but everyone is telling me I can't get slides that deep.


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Mulemom - I love your set-up, it's inspired me to do the same thing in my closet, except I don't need to trim the back as I have the space. I do have some questions, I hope you don't mind. Can you tell me what you did for the base of the bottom cabinet, did you use the Ikea legs or build a platform...I can't tell from the pictures. For the second base cabinet on top, did you put a top on that so you can put the wall cabinet on it? If so, was it a standard item or did you have to cut one out? I was considering putting the second base upside down on top of the bottom so I can have a top. Did you attach the cabinets to the wall, each other, or both? Thanks for your help!

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Loves2cook- your pantry organization puts mine to shame! Great job!
Lissa - great job with the can storage!

Here is a link to my final reveal that shows a lot of our storage - I used a Rev-a-shelf for my silverware, lots of MadeSmart bins for shallow drawers(thanks to grumpydave), and sideways slots for pans and baking dishes.

I figure most of you saw these already...

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