Have squares, now what do I make?

FrizzleOctober 20, 2008

Are you up for a challenge??

I have a bag of squares from a Grandmother who can no longer see well enough to crochet. They are all different colors without any one color standing out as the majority ruler! LOL Each square is about 2 1/2" well, square!

What can I make? I thought an afghan to throw over the spare bed, where color choices isn't that important? Maybe group them into 4's to make a larger square and then patchwork them together with solid colored squares? So that the ones she made would be scattered throughout the finished afghan?

What do you think? Any suggestions? Before I get too involved with it do you think that would that work?

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I made an afghan once of multi-colored squares. You could do that if there are enough squares. Have you counted them? If you have enough you could just use them. If not, you'd have to supplement with solid colored squares. If you used solid colored squares, it would give your afghan a more definite color look, like blue or whatever color you choose. You could also crochet the edge with that same color.

Do you know if the squares are acrylic or wool? That might be good to know. Wonder if the wool would felt or shrink. Someone else here can help with that possibility.

How wonderful of you to do this. Be sure Granny knows because she will be so pleased.

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They are acrylic (I asked) I have about 37 of them. Not quite enough to make a full throw so that's why I thought piecing them with some of my own would be best.

You think I should give them a wash before working with them?

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I don't think you need to wash them unless they are musty or have an odor.

You are probably familiar with the website below. You can go there for ideas. Be sure to check out the ones called Patchwork Afghan and Graphic Block Afghan, and of course anything called "scrap" or "granny squares."

If you need your squares to be larger, I wonder if you could enlarge them yourself, just adding on to the work already done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crochet Pattern Central

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That is a good idea, socks. That way she could create one or more repeating colors into the afghan. And if she crochetes them together like the old granny square afghan pattern, that will develop a strong main color.

You could make some baby blankets too.

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Now baby blankets might be a great idea for some of the squares! About half are lighter, or softer colors, while the other half is more orange, dark brown, dark teal, etc.

Bouncing ideas off others is so helpful! Thanks!

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Frizzle, since you liked the idea of baby blankets, are there any babies coming in Grandmother's family that would like something special from her, via you? What a special gift that would be! If they need enlarging, just pick a neutral color and add on to them.

I had the fortune to be given a lap blanket from DH's cousin's wife. Her mother is 92 yrs old and still making squares, but has the opposite of macular degeneration. She can only see directly in front of her. Her daughter, the cousin's wife, has learned to crochet enough to put them together for her. When we were there in May, I had mentioned on a ride, that my knees get cold in the motor home, and I would have to make myself a small blanket to cover them. I didn't know she was doing this, and right after we got back, I went to the RV for something. When I got in the house, she called to me from the living room that she was in there resting, and to come on in. She told me she had learned to put them together for her mom. When she finished what she was doing, she threw it to me. Said here is something to keep your knees warn! I cried! She and her mom are very special people to me, so I will treasure this blanket for years. We took a pic of me using it in the RV today so I can email it to her.


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Yes there is in fact, that's why the idea of the baby blanket is such a great idea! My sister-in-law (that would be my husband's youngest sister) is expecting her first in November.

Good plan ladies!

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