Where do you knit?

scrappyjackOctober 16, 2006

After reading the message on the forum about knitting at baseball games.... I got to thinking, I never did participate, or even hear of knit night at a game, but I do knit at my kids' baseball and soccer games, and while I wait for them to get out of catichism class.

I also like to knit during the Steeler games on TV!

Where do you all (or as we say in Steeler country) Where do YOU'NS knit?

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I knit everywhere. I knit in class. I knit in the library, in my crafting room, in my bedroom, in the hallways at school, at the breakroom at work... I knit everywhere.

I feel lost without my knitting.

~ Kit

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I knit ALMOST everywhere. The one place that I won't knit is at a baseball or football game. I like to keep my work clean, and those places feel "dirty" to me. I knit at restaurants while we're waiting for our meal to arrive. I knit anytime DH is driving. I knit while visiting with family (my house OR theirs). I knit on BART. I even knit in church (I know, I'm bad). I actually get more knitting done when I'm not at home, than I do when I am home. We just adopted a litter of 2 kittens who don't know the difference between the little balls of yarn that I've specifically made for them and the ones that are supposed to be my toys.

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for me, usually in front of the TV while i enjoy my shows at night. it seems to be the only time i am actually in one place after the kids are all settled down.


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Anywhere I can. That includes standing in line LOL. Want to keep people from bumping you in a busy line? Knit a pair of socks with DPNs sticking out everywhere ;)

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I'm always knitting at home, watching tv. Always take knitting when we go to the doctors. Never know how long it will take before the doc shows up. I don't get quite as angry waiting when I'm busy knitting.

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Mostly in front of the TV or while reading a book!

Kit, don't you get in trouble knitting in class?


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Anyplace I get the chance! Donna, I have a friend in my Thurs. knitting group who crochets in church. When the pastor mentioned it, she told him that she listens better while crocheting and what she crochets in church are charity items. She makes it a point not to crochet anything else in church. She is more relaxed and attentive while crocheting and uses a pattern that she already knows without having to keep the pattern handy to keep looking at, so that doesn't create a distraction for her or for others.

Dances, I can see you doing that!

I usually knit while DH drives, but that only works when I'm not dizzy with motion sickness when driving/riding whru the mountains!


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I knit in front of the computer a lot. I have a slow modem, so while I'm waiting for a webpage to load, I knit a row ;)

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