I wish to share pics of my crocheted things, but where and how?

quirkpodOctober 13, 2007

I have so much I would like sharing with the world, but have found it hard to find online venues for the posting of photos and sharing of patterns. I mostly make elegant Victorian style ladies things. I just finished a filet capelet done using mostly chain 6. How can I share my ideas? THank you.

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I think many of us use photobucket, which is free, and a good place to also 'store' your pics. Here is the URL where you can 'sign up'

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A lot of people use photobucket -- there's also flickr.com -- and if you like, you can join ravelry.com. Right now there's a waiting list but it's opening up pretty fast lately and they'll be opening it to the public before long.

Another nice thing to do is start a blog. There are some free ones, including blogspot, which is the one I use. I'm including a link to one of my blogs below so you can see what it looks like. I've learned tons from other crafting blogs -- it's a great way to share your things.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of Carol's blogs

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I second getting a blog. That way you can write about your projects and post patterns with photos. I like Blogger and use Photobucket to store the photos.

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Carol Ann, I looked at your blog, then (of course) your knitting blog, and I really like the picture of the brown and white dish cloth. What pattern is it?

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Iris -- I thought it was a pattern in a book but I can't find it in either of the pattern books I have -- I'm sure I saw it in color, but maybe I'm not remembering it right. I did find something that I think is the same and maybe the one I used (it hasn't been that long since I made it, I can't believe I can't remember!). See the link. If I find what I'm sure is the pattern, I'll post it (or at least the source, if it's a copyrighted pattern) but I do think this is the same. Sorry I can't be more sure! (Please note that my photo is upside-down compared to the photo of the one in the pattern).

quirkpod, I'll mention again that the blog idea might be exactly what you're looking for. A lot of knitters and crocheters (and other crafters) share their work and patterns that way. Ravelry.com is another good site from which to share things -- and has the bonus of being a great way to catalog your projects, stash, future projects, etc. It also has special groups for designers, etc. Although I'm relatively new to it I'm liking it a lot, but to start a blog is a great way to share your things.
Let us know what you decide so we can see your photos and patterns!

Here is a link that might be useful: three and one checked cloth

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I joined Ravelry and received my invitation yesterday. I first heard about it from colleagues who also knit, then read about it here and decided to join. I love the idea of recording my patterns, projects, and supplies in one place.

Carol Ann, I visited your blog and saw your yummy recipes, then viewed your knitting blog and saw your beautiful scarf. I'm going to try to get my hands on some of that beautiful Nora yarn if I can find it at a good price.

I have a few blogs (recipes, knitting, cycling) all of which I created to make it easier to share many photos with family and friends rather than send them via email and fill up their mailboxes. With the blog, they can also read the captions and stories that accompany the photos.

Also Carol Ann: I found the Three and One Checked Cloth that you tried to link to above but your link didn't work... it appears to have been changed. Here it is...


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