Puron + All-style evap coils equals junk

chris_txMay 9, 2011

Moved into my newly built home 2.5 years ago...

Lennox 3.5ton condenser and filter unit with an All-style evap coil.

Evap coil GONE after only 2.5 years!

Failed on the evap coil itself where they fused the aluminum to copper

The AC guy said I can probably expect this repair AGAIN b/c the evap coil are either A. getting eatin by the new r410a oil or B. pressures are too high

Say thanks to the EPA and poor manufacturing processes for this headache (errr.. wallet-ache)

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I am sorry for your trouble.

Is there any warranty?

Without knowing more details, I have to offer these thoughts. You need to spread that blame a little more to include both the dealer and yourself.

I never recommend a third party coil for a new system. It most always benefits the manufacturer and dealer but rarely the homeowner.

If there is a warranty replacement, then I would ask dealer to negotiate a settlement with All Style and install a matching Lennox coil.

Perhaps others on this forum can make comments and suggestion.

Again sorry for your trouble.


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thanks for the reply

yes, 5year parts warranty, labor wasnt cheap though, nor was the freon

problem is (or so I hear) carrier and trane have a patent on the all tin evap coils (the "good" ones) - at least until it expires

I will say that the lennox coil that was installed this time around looked like it actually passed QA. The All-style that was removed was a sad looking piece of aluminum - esp at the welds and IMPORTANT points. I am in the metal mfg bus and it truly was JUNK. Let that be known. I'd acknowledge if it looked like an install error but it looks like my homebuilder opted for the cheaper evap coil but said evap coil should have never passed a QA pressure test.

I really am surprised I have not heard others chime in. This issue is becoming more and more popular according to my research and all my phone calls.

My father was flabbergasted in this failure - "My old r22 system has been fine for 9 years" he said.

Allstyle Evaporator Coils are Junk 410

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