Your favorite, easy afghan pattern?

jennOctober 21, 2007

Now that I've finished knitting two scarves, I'd like to knit an afghan. Last night I made slip covers for the throw pillows on the sofa and I'd like to find a nice red yarn to match for a chair on the other side of the room.

Does anyone have a favorite afghan pattern for beginning knitters? I'm not afraid to try new stitches and patterns... in fact that's one of the things I love about knitting. However, I think I'd prefer something simple, perhaps a nice rib, and not a lace pattern for this one. Our living room has a casual feel and our decor is Spanish -- if that makes any difference.

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Wow, there are so many lovely afghans you could try. Why don't you check out knitting pattern central and see if you can find just what you're looking for?

Check out this free pattern from KnitPicks. It's on my to do list. Of course, the colors you choose might make it perfect for your room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Square up the Circle

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Thanks Donna, that's a beautiful pattern. I have searched some sites and forgot about the KnitPicks site, I'll check that site too.

A question about using circular needles:
I haven't used them before but I understand the basic idea. If I am not going to do a join, I simply reverse the needles as if they were two separate needles and begin the next row, correct? Is there anything else I need to know, other than using one that is slightly longer than the length of my project?

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Jenn, yes, you just turn the work at the end of the row if you're not joining. However, your needles don't need to be as long or longer than the width or length of your project. Scrunch those babies up, no problem. I've knit 48" wide afghans on 36" needles and no strain.

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Thanks Donna.

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Jenn, if you want a simple square afghan, try grandmother's favorite dishcloth pattern on needles sizes 11 to maybe a 15, just see what size gives you the look you want, using two strands of worsted weight yarn held together as one. You can make it as big or small as you like and it makes a nice quick baby afghan, also.


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I've knitted a couple bedsized blankets, and afghans, and to make it manageable to do, I make mine in long strips...from top to bottom...then sew the strips together. I, personally, don't like blankets or afghans that have a right and a wrong side, so I knit mine using reversible strips, knitted using stitches or combinations of stitches that look the same on both the moss stitch, double moss, and lots of combinations of knits and pearls (for example, squares created by, blocks of knit and pearl stitches). Get a book...try the library....on different stitches....there are a ton you can use. You can either make each strip all one stitch, or divide up the strips into squares...this will enable you to try more stitches. This is the sort of thing I like to do...I call it 'mindless knitting', and great for in the car, etc. You just don't want to have to drag the whole bloomin' thing around with you - doing it in strips makes it easy.

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See if you can find Barbara Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan book in your library for more ideas. It's a big, long-term project so you'd want interesting stitch patterns or yarns to keep you going. One way would be to get some self-striping yarn and do mitered squares. You can do them individually and stitch them together or try the pattern in the link below (click on the picture for a better view). If you go to they have a list of self-striping yarns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mitered afghan

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I have tried repeatedly to see the picture and the whole pattern in the link Donna posted. All I get is the second page. I even tried going to knitpiks web site and can't find it. It sounded interesting.

Good luck finding a pattern you want to try.


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Try this Tami, it's the main page to the pdf files for the link Donna gave. HTH 8^)

Here is a link that might be useful: pattern links in the middle of first page

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Thanks, Zipper. I still only get the second page of the pattern. At least with your link, I got to see what it looks like! It probably won't be one I would try, so I don't need the pattern.


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Hi Jenn,

In contrast to Sandra I hate sewing things together - especially afghans so I do all mine on round needles. I enjoy them since they don't jab into me while I'm working and are flexible. Years ago I made a double bed size spread and there were 480 stitches on the needle. It was supposed to have been done in strips and sewn together but I just couldn't face that prospect. I've converted many patterns from strips into one large object. It often takes a little up-front work, but (for me) it sure beats sewing things together.

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i've knit a lot of the "falling water" afghan from lion yarns. Its a freebie for the homespun yarn. i think it knits up fast-- in a push i can do one in a week--
its sort of a raised rib pattern. made with homespun its
soft and warm and drapes beautifully and knit with 2 strands of yarn. my sil did one with the crochet directions-- and then had me reknit it with the knit directions. its a great way to use up a mix of yarns that are the same color.
I did one in shades of purple-- with about 15 different types of yarn for one strand and then the same shade of homespun for the other strand.


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Diggerb: Do you mean the Waterfall throw?

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