Help identify this pattern - please!

profsusanOctober 13, 2007

here's a photo of an unfinished crocheted tablecloth - no pattern or supplies to be found. Do you recognize the pattern? Do you have it? Please help. This is the project that SheilaJoyce wants to finish and I am trying to help her locate the pattern.

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When it doubt, always 'google' for anything you want. I don't crochet, but it sure looks like wheels to me, so I googled 'crochet wheel patterns'. Go take a look. Lots of information and similar if not exact patterns. If you go further than I did down the google pages there may be the exact one.

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It's this pattern ;0)

Here is a link that might be useful: number 744

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Good job, Zipper! Hey, do you gals remember when we were discussing this before Sheila Joyce had a photo? I mentioned that I had been given a tablecloth in need of repair and ended up saving just pieces of it to maybe make mats out of? IT'S THE SAME PATTERN!. How weird is that? Well, Sheila Joyce, you've got your work cut out for you now.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I KNEW you would be able to do it without Shelia looking all over the internet for the pattern! Great job ladies!

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I have been down with the flu, and was thrilled when I opened my email just now and found the news posted from Susan and Donna.


I have forwarded the news to my son so he can tell the young man. I doubt we will be able to find the crochet thread label as he was in school when his mom died, and no one else in the family was willing to clear out the house. So he did, and we figure he threw out just what we would like to have. But at least I can make the missing pieces and give him a cloth his mom crocheted off and on for several years. If we cannot match the color, perhaps a light tea dye would take care of that.

Does anyone know how to tell if a snip of crochet thread is all cotton or not? That would be important to know to get the dyed color even.

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To test for cotton, hold the end over a candle flame. Cotton will make just ash, but synthetic will melt, making a blob.

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