Trellis Scarf

socksOctober 1, 2005

Another post here prompted me to try knitting with the Lion Trellis yarn. It took me a few tries to get comfortable with the knitting, then it was easy.

Here's the scarf from the pattern on the label (CO 14, K every row, size 17 needles). It was fun, quick to make. Would be a great gift.

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How many balls?

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Less than one for me, with quite a bit left over. It really is prettier in person. The colors look like jewels scattered throughout the scarf. (Good grief, I sound like QVC! LOL!)

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Yes, this may be the yarn I combined with navy or black eyelash yarn in a neckscarf for my DD in San Francisco. That yarn looks soooo pretty with a solid eyelash in one of the colors. As the eyelash strands fluff and blow in the breeze, the little brightly colored squares peek out from among the strands and just sparkle. The colors in the ladder included a bright turquoise that just popped.

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Hi, Socks!! I think it was me who got into that stuff and that scarf pattern a couple of weeks ago....yours turned out beautifully!!! I put mine away, but will haul it out next week....I'm doing it in the brown/beige/cream coloured yarn. More my DD's colours....Congrats!! ;-D

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Yes, Glitter, that was you! See what you got started?! LOL

Anyway, I scanned through that other thread and saw your comment about using one coupon at Michaels. If I have two coupons, I just smile sweetly at the clerk and ask if she could ring items up in separate transactions so a coupon could be scanned each time. They will do it. Three coupons...that might be asking too much! Take your stuff to the car, come back and use a different clerk.

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Too cute! Next to having my DH go to the cash with one ball of yarn and the coupon, and me to another, yes....tossing my purchase into the car and returning with my second coupon is just as much fun. I usually save the third or forth until another week day!

Glad to see you had so much fun with that trellis yarn...I've just dug mine out again, and if it turns out half as nice as yours, I'll post it, too!

Happy knitting!!

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Check out the thread FREE SHIPPING. I found Trellis yarn at $4.99 a ball at the mentioned site and the free shipping is a real bonus.

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Socks, I just had to tell you that your picture of this trellis scarf inspired me to order 2 balls of that trellis yarn and try the scarf pattern. I started and finished my scarf yesterday and it turned out looking exactly like yours. It's so pretty, and you're right - it would make a nice gift - I'm trying to get my Christmas Presents all lined up right now :-) I'm going to use the second ball and make a second scarf today. Thanks for the picture that you posted and the inspiration!!

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Great, and remember it was Glitter who gave us the courage to try this ladder-type yarn! I love the knitting forum! It's like a bunch of friends encouraging each other, having fun together.

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Thanks Glitter!! I love the forum too, it's helped me immensely since I started knitting 2 years ago. It's the first thing I look at every morning. I couldn't be without it!

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Hm. Wonder if I'm in line for a share of the profits for that company? Shall I inquire? ;-D
You're welcome, Ladies! I'm happy you're enjoying it.

As for mine, our border collie got hold of the skein and enjoyed it for a few minutes until I noticed. (I was knitting one of the other EASY scarves I posted here) To make a long story short, my darling DH has already put in 2 football games, one hockey, and last night's baseball game and is CLOSE to presenting me with my knitting so far, and an un-knotted ball of trellis yarn to complete that skinny scarf!!

Michael's also made me go back today for more balls of Lion Brand Fun Fur and Paton's "Brilliant" to make myself one of those coat scarves. Oh. And a few more combinations in case there are other care-givers at Mom's nursing home who are on duty when I bring them in for Christmas!
And the "Divine" yarns!! Sooooo snuggly! I'm thinking of combining that with a fun-fur, both in baby pink for our DD who is still in her pink phase. She's 28. And she's gonna love it! ''ll need a matching scarf....Thank heavens for friends with coupons they don't use! haha!

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Thank heavens for friends with coupons they don't use! haha!

so true! i get one, my sister gets one, mom gets 2. then if we really need more, there are my 2 aunts (who get 2 each), my cousins, my sister's in-laws and a couple of neighbors....LOL

did you know that joann's will accept michael's coupons, but on CRAFT items only. and michael's will accept joann's coupons too.

teehee! i never pay full price for my yarns!!

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Hobby Lobby's on-line coupon this week is for 40% off anything in their store. I've printed out quite a few and have worn a path from the yarn dept. to the cash register. They're good through 10/29.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hobby Lobby Coupon

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I have been searching for a pattern to make a necklace using this trellis yarn.....any suggestions??? Thanks!

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I've never seen anything like that, but maybe someone else here has.

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