What is a crochet rib stitch?

tmkellyx2October 26, 2007

I have a japanese crochet diagram with an "X" and a "-" above it. I looked it up and learned it was a rib stitch. I cannot find instructions on how to do this. Can someone direct me to a sight that can show me? Thank you!

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The "x" in your pattern means the rib stitch is worked in single crochet with the look and feel being slightly different than the rib stitch worked in double crochet (as shown in the link provided).

When I do the sc rib stitch, I work a row of single crochet in the front loop of the previous row. Then, when I reach the end of the "rib" row, I turn it and work a new row of singles; once again, only in the front of the loops of the previous row. Repeat as necessary for the correct length.

Another option: work the dc rib stitch for just half of the rows the pattern actually calls for or until you reach the desired length. One point worth mentioning... the dc ribbing will be slightly looser than what sc ribbing will produce.

If you are doing the rib stitch for the cuffs or the bottom of a sweater, please repost your question and I will happily provide those instructions from one of my pattern books. I hope this helps!

Both methods are easy and fun to do - enjoy!

Karen :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: rib stitch in double crochet

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I know you posted on here forever ago, but I am trying to make mittens and am struggling to make the cuffs. If you get a chance and can post those instructions on how to make a cuff I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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If you're doing mittens, you've been working in the round. To begin your rib, make a chain of 11 or 13 stitches (or whatever your pattern calls for) from any stitch on your last row. You're going up and away from the body of your work.

Now it's as simple of doing single crochet back down the chain - making sure you ONLY work into the back of the loop. When you get to the bottom, you'll turn and go back up the chain - making sure you ONLY work into the back of the loop.

That's all there is to it. Just work into the back part of the loop only and you'll see the rib take shape.

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