baby's playthings afghan

patnjOctober 25, 2008

looking for a pattern from Womens household crochet winter 1990. It is 9 squares with baby playthings in each square. I found the issue on ebay but it may go higher than I can bid for the issue so if anyone can Help I would appreciate it. If not this aghan anything similar would also help.

thank you my email is

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Have you bid on it? I checked and the price is just $3.24, with just a few days to go....I would think you could easily get it for $5.00 or under.
I'll tell you how I decide what to bid, when I find something I want, on ebay. I decide how much I'm willing to spend on the item...the top dollar that I will pay....and, I bid that. It doesn't mean that I will have to pay that amount - it's just the top end...this keeps me from having to be constantly rebidding, if I'm outbid - ebay will bid FOR me, up to and including the maximum amount I told them. I often get things for well under what I've bid as my max. This doesn't look like it's going to go for much...only
$3.24 and 3 bids so far.

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Sandra, Thank you I have it on my watch list and I would be willing to pay $5 for it. It has been my experience with patterns on ebay that if I place my highest bid too soon I always lose at the last minute so I will wait to bid until tomorrow and hope for the best.

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I always wait till one minute left to put in my highest bid and have only lost 2 bids. Waiting till that late makes it less likely for someone to jump in and over bid me, unless they had already put a higher bid set on automatic.

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