Carrier Infinity Qs: Low fan lockout & remote temp sensor

shadow700May 29, 2011

I have a 6 year old Carrier furnace and AC with Infinity controls and have two questions about it. I'm hoping someone here might have the answers.

First, is there any way to lock out the LOW fan speed during AC operation? The system does a great job cooling the house (with the exception of one room, which I will post separately about), but we get stratification between the upstairs and downstairs unless I push the fan from AUTO to MED (at minimum). The design of the second floor trunk is kinda crappy, but we had to work around it. In low, I don't think we are getting the CFMs upstairs we need.

Second, alternatively (or maybe even in conjunction with the first option), is it possible to split or augment the temperature sensor into multiple locations in the house? I'd like to have the AC sensor be upstairs while having he Heating sensor downstairs. I have access to run wires between floors in a location or two, so I considered just running a second set of 4-wire thermostat cable upstairs and moving the thermostat twice a year.


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I think you can set the AC to always run at maximum speed which is 400CFM. I have posted a link to the Infinity Installation guide. You need to verify if you have this model. Look at the section under "Setup - Fan Coil".

The draw back of this is you are giving up dehumidification. The AC may also short cycle.

You can add remote sensors to some models of the Infinity Controller. It involves running 22 guage wire. Once you set this up, I don't think you need to move anything. You should be able to reprogram the controller to ignore any remote sensor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity Controller Installation Guide

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This is great information.

Switching to "efficiency" or "maximum" would seem to make it a little less manual than I do now, which is a good thing. I always have to remember to return the fan to AUTO if I've set it it MED or HIGH earlier in the day.

I wonder if "Dehum airflow" to "HIGH" would also work.

As far as remote sensors go, I have Infinity Model SYSTXCCUID01. I don't see a '-B' at the end, so I hope there isn't that much difference between my unit and the manual. It has pins for remote sensors (S1 and S2).

I am having trouble finding which remote sensors are compatible. It looks like there are two models: 1PZONECCORRSSA and SYSTXCCRRSO1. I am finding conflicting postings as some places say they are interchangeable and some are saying that the 1PZONE is for a zoned system and the SYSTX is for Infinity. I was hoping to find some documentation on the sensors to get the specs on the thermocouples, but have only succeeded in finding eBay auctions and links to ebay auctions. Does anyone have any links to documentation or shed light on which sensor(s) can be used?


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I just went into the settings for my Infinity. They were a tad different than I expected from the manual. My setup options were:


I do not see an option labeled "Fan Coil".

AC had:




I changed DEHUM AIRFLOW to "HIGH" to see if that makes a difference.

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