question - crocheted hat WAY off

dcrowexOctober 21, 2009

I crocheted my first winter hat using the woolease yarn and it looked great! It was an easy pattern. I am not a "tight" crocheter, so I was surprised to see this hat would not even fit on my grandson's head and it was supposed to be for an adult! Before I seamed the sides, it was the instructed 9" in length, all the measurements were correct. So why no "give" to it, and why does it seem to small? What did I do wrong? Thanks for any advice.


Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Fling Crocheted Hat

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I have never crocheted a hat that only called for 29 stitches but there again it also calls for a size "P" crochet hook, the hat itself looks awful small for an adult head size? might fit a "preemie"....I'd double your base stitches and do it over..but that's just me. Good Luck.

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sorry if this appears i posted twice. i didnt see my question back to you so i am typing it again.

do you mean when i do the first stitches to double the first set of 29?

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Yes, because it just seems too small and not enough stitches for an opening for a hat. The hat in the picture looks really small.

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Babka NorCal 9b

The gauge they give is 6 stitches equals 4". Those are really BIG stitches with big yarn and a whopper sized P hook. What does yours measure over 6 stitches?

just made a chemo hat to fit me using sport weight yarn and an N size hook. There are 54 stitches around the widest part of the cap.

I just went back to the website. This pattern calls for Wool Ease THICK AND QUICK yarn, which is WAY thicker than regular Wool-Ease. Did you use the thinner yarn? That would make all the difference.

I think I've seen this hat in the pile of donated hats at the hospital and it is VERY stretchy, enough to fit a kid or an adult.


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