Need help finding 'Antique Teal' yarn

summer_fashionOctober 1, 2009

I'm part way finished with a scarf with pockets but need another skein of Antique Teal yarn. The problem is I've lost the label for this yarn so don't even know what to ask for or look for at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Could anyone help me find one skein of Antique Teal? Thank you. Margaret

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Well, we've all "been there-done that!" I'm sorry I cannot help you except to say if you do find it it could well be another die lot and slightly different. Sorry to point out bad news. Good luck.

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This is really funny. I was checking pattern and yarn sites this morning and ran across an afghan pattern that called for Antique Teal yarn along with 2 other colors. They said the yarn was from Hobby Lobby. (Are they still in business?) Try searching for "antique teal yarn" and the site may come up.

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We just got our first hobby lobby here last fall so they are still in business as I have friends from other states that shop there. Maybe the brand was Hobby Lobby I love this yarn? If you find the brand name you maybe be able to pick some up on e-bay, I have done that with discontinued stuff. Mary!

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