Storage of Yarns

tipper_2006October 3, 2006

I'm knitting and crocheting baby blankets for future Great Grandchildren. Could someone advise me on long term storage of these? They are made using acrylic yarns. Also, should they be washed before storing?



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I always wash acrylic yarn items to get that stiff sizing out of them and make the item softer. You can wash them whenever you want, but I do it right away to see the finished effect. Use fabric softener too. I store my items in plastic zipper bags that came with new comfortors, bed spreads, and bed linens. Keeps them dust free.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I do wash and use fabric softener for things I use or give for gifts. I guess I don't have to worry about acrylics needing to "breath" for long term storage?? I like the idea of the bed linen bags. I have used them for storying other things. Good idea and I have some unused.

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If you are worried about your finished work needing to "breathe" a bit, you could just unzip the bag an inch or so. Or just be sure your baby blankets are completely dry before storing them.

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Thank you for your response. Both of you have helped me. These blankets will be stored for many years as the grand daughters are only 8 and 6 years old:-). I have a feeling that at my age now I probabley will not be around. Not gloomy just realistic...

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What a treasure you are making for them!

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Thanks Sheliajoyce for the kind words. I do consider the baby blankets a treasure for my future Great grandchildren. So far I've made 4 of them. I'm blessed with a wonderful daughter in law that will take care of the things I'm putting aside. Other than needlework my love is researching family genealogy. I want them to know where their roots come from.
As soon as I figure out how to post pictures to the gallery I'll love sharing with all of you.

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