Flatware... my knives are pitting.

SheeshareeIISeptember 7, 2009

Without doing any researching I bought a set of Wallace 18/10 stainless steel flatware, new in the box, off ebay. I liked the pattern and the fact that it was a large, new set. I thought Wallace was a good brand.

Shortly after we started using them I noticed some pitting on my knives. I wasn't real happy so I emailed the seller and Wallace complaining. They informed me most all flatware is made in China and the pitting problem can be helped by putting the knives in a section by themselves in the dishwasher. They're made of different alloys or something like that. Most of my knives have some pitting and it looks horrible. I can't imagine it's real good to be using them like that. Returning wasn't an option. I ordered the set before we even started building the house so it sat for months never opened and boxed up. We've been using the flatware for about a year and a half now.

Is this common with all flatware? I've considered buying a differnt brand but don't want to have this problem again. It's not like we use the knives often (just DH and myself) but when company's over...

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When you say pitting are you talking about little marks or actual pits in the blades?

My knives do that too a bit. Try taking some bar keepers friend and trying to polish them off.

I think they're right in that the blades of the knives shouldn't touch other types of metal in the dishwasher or that can happen.

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The only flatware that I put in the dishwasher is our everyday stuff. Anything and everything else gets hand washed. I've learned what automatic dishwaher detergent does to flatware, particularly knives.

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Shee, dishwashing detergent can cause this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pitting

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I have had this problem, too. I read in Consumer Reports some time ago that a way to reduce dishwasher pitting is to use a non-lemon dishwashing detergent. Since I've stopped using lemon Cascade, and keeping my knives separate from everything else, the problem has just about stopped.

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Caroleoh - Little round pits in the blades. I'll try some of the bar keepers friend.

I noticed this after only a couple of washes. We used the kind of dishwashing tablet that had the blue ball(can't think of the name) only a couple of times then I gave the box away and switched to Seveth Generation powder. I haven't noticed any more since the switch but I had quite a few by that point.

I just wondered if it's normal to deal with this. I do make sure they're by themselves now in the dishwasher or hand wash them.

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The same thing happens to my "good name 18/10 stainless."

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This is interesting. Found this on the net:

question by sales rep

And this discussion is long but illuminating. Seems like it's inferior steel perhaps aggravated by stainless steel dishwasher interiors: many brands and price ranges, rusting problems

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I have 2 different sets of stainless, one cheap, and one of better quality. I have never had a problem with pitting.

They are washed in a dishwasher and mixed in with other utensils. The dishwasher is not stainless steel on the inside. We have hard water that is softened with a water softener. Our water is well water without chlorine. And I use Cascade that is labeled "fresh scent" but there is no mention of a lemon scent.

Hope this helps somehow.

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I did the same thing as you, Shee, and purchased a brand-new set of really nice Towle stainless steel flatware on Ebay. It was quite expensive and arrived looking fantastic, but I've noticed that a couple of the teaspoons have small pits.

I don't think it's the dishwasher since I use it so rarely. My guess is that the seller (huge Powerseller with 1,000's of sales) somehow bought the lesser-quality stuff from the manufacturer and sold it on Ebay to trusting folks like us. Awm03's link talks about the different levels of steel quality and I wonder if, when the manufacturer discovered a particular lot with problems, they'd off-load it on the cheap to the Ebay dealer. Oh well, it's still a gorgeous set and I've only had the problem with 2 teaspoons.

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I've had a few baking pans ruined in the dishwasher from lemon detergent when I was too lazy to wash them by hand one time. The pitting was so bad I was afraid to bake in them, so I put them in the trash. Shee: my dad worked at the original Wallace Silverware factory with the designs before it closed in the early 1980's (and moved to Japan). My whole family has sets of flatware/holloware that are so much higher quality than the set I purchased at Macy's in 1995. My knives from the newer set occasionally did get a few very tiny pit marks on them when I used the old detergent, but never the set made in the US. I hope my set lasts forever, because I think of my dad. Good luck with yours.

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My flatware is 30 years old. Every time I'm tempted to buy new, I'm reminded of things like this. I hand wash my cooking knives, but the flatware goes in the dishwasher which has a stainless interior. I use Finish Electrasol Powerball tabs.

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