Uncle Ronnie's knitting needles

sandra_fergusonOctober 18, 2007

I visited the site posted earlier, about the loop stitch, and read about the Uncle Ronnie knitting needles....has anyone tried them?They look wonderful and I'm going to order some....just wish they came smaller than 11s. Here's a site that explains them and where you can order.


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After looking at the picture of those needles, I was visiting a friend and she had a pair the same shape (or almost the same) in plastic that she got at Joann's. They were called Baleen II by Boye.

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I have to add a comment here, as I'm not a regular at this site. But these knitting needles remind me of some that I have that were my Mother-in-laws and some that belonged to an Aunt. They were home made, I suppose by their husbands or someone. They both pretty much knitted whatever was needed, socks, scraves or hats and they usually didn't use a pattern, they'd just knitted them to size. But in by-gone years I suppose lots of women knit this way. They also had a neighbor lady who cross-country skiied and knit at the same time . I have enough trouble just knitting !!

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My Grandmother said that during WWII she always knitted when she went to the movies, which always amazed me...but skiing? Hard to believe, isn't it.

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Back again ! I'm finding this site so very nice. I should have mentioned that the lady that skiied and knitted at the same time was an older Swedish lady who had imigrated a few years earlier. Years ago (70) or so, I think they used wider skis and didn't use ski poles. She was a neighbor to my in-laws. Another story ....she came to the Baptism of our oldest daughter who is now 52. Anyway, our daughter was very fussy that day (wouldn't you know?) I could not get her to sleep so the Swedish lady sat down and rocked her and sang to her in Swedish. Our daughter went to sleep in just a few minutes! Told my Hubby we needed to learn Swedish! I remember my Grandmother sitting and kniting and not watching what she was doing. Only glanzing at her work every few minutes.

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