New Rheem System - Correctly Configured?

NewRheemMay 23, 2012

System's are RARL-JEC Condenser, RGPE Furnace with ADP Coil.

Thermostat is Honeywell VisionPro 8000 (TH8320U, no humidity)

They had to come back out since the unit only cooled in 2nd stage. They switched dip-switch SW2-4 ON so it runs 1st stage at 50% of 2nd. The airflow in 2nd is really strong and making noise at the registers so they tried to adjust the airflow by -10% but none of the other dip switches had any effect. (it might have even blew stronger) They just told me that's the way is it and left.

All the other switches are off with the exception of S1-3 (timed heating) I'm guessing they did this because they ran out of thermo wires and jump W1 and W2.

I've read the manuals front to back and I thought the system should recognize the need for 2nd stage cooling without turning SW2-4 on (is this because it's a scroll compressor and treats it as 2 compressors?) Does anyone know how my Dip Switches should be set for this setup?

I checked all the thermostat and furnace wiring against the honeywell instructions.

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It looks like you have a 2-stage furnace and condenser and the a 2-stage thermostat, but not enough wires for proper 2-stage control.

You need W1 and W2 wires for heating, and Y1 and Y2 wires for cooling. If you have single W and Y connection, then your are not getting what you paid for in my opinion. The thermostat is not controlling the stages. The DIP switches are being set for a timed stage which is not an optimum way to control the first and second stage.

My advice is to have the contractor pull an additional wires from the furnace to the thermostat.

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It does have Y1 and Y2 wires connected, only the heat side has one wire. I mentioned W1 and W2 being jumper-ed in case it affected anything else.

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also I have 6 wires connected from the thermo to the furnace: W2, Y1, Y2, G, C, R (R & RC jumpered at the thermostat)

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I took a quick look at the RGPE installation manual. From my understand the SW2-4 switch determine if the air flow for the first stage (50 or 70%). The setting for this is determined by condenser you have. If it is a scroll compressor I would think it should be in the off position (70%).

Since you only have a W2 wire, then the low furnace stage will always be timed for 0-7 minutes. You are not getting much benefit out of your 2-stage furnace.

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Not a true two stage thermostat. Should be changed out for a true two stage Probably the Rheem 500.

The third party ADP coil is a mistake. Since you don't provide the mdl number, I am not able to look it up in the AHRI directory.

Your dealer was looking out for himself, not his customer.

What is your location?

Anything on a filter media cabinet?


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The Vision Pro installation manual states the C connection is optional. If that is true the wire could be used for the W1 connection.

I don't get a good feeling about this contractor from what I have read so far.

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Mike, I thought the same about SW2-4. the book says 1st is determined by the condenser and will be 70 or 80% of 2nd.
But should the W have any effect on cooling? Isn't it just when theres a call for heat?

Tiger, The coil is ADP HE Series, RE41660E257B2922AP

thanks guys, I've spent alot of time reading up on all this and alot of trips up to the furnace taking notes on how its all connected.

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Location is Tucson and I only use the furnace a handful of times each winter so I'm not necessarily worried too much about the heating side other than I get concerned when I pay for something and I never can use it to its fullest.

What is the filter media cabinet? My return?

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You are wasting your time with that thermostat. You need a true two stage communicating thermostat that will take full advantage of both the capabilities of the condenser and furnace.

Ask your dealer for the AhRI matching number for your new system. Should prove to be interesting if he can.

Sorry. The thermostat should be changed out.


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How should I go about explaining that to my contractor? I already brought up the thermostat concern the day of the install but not being an informed home owner I didn't and don't understand what it is that I'm actually losing by not having the communicating stat.
Am I losing efficiency? Will it cost more money running it like it is? Am I running an 8 cylinder car on 6 cylinders??

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The W1 and W2 signals are for first and second stage heating. They play no role in cooling.

I thought the Honeywell Vision Pro was a good 2-stage thermostat. What is it lacking for 2-stage control?

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Both the Rheem AC condenser and furnace are quality HVAC with communicating capability if paired with correct thermostat.

The ADP coil benefits the dealer, certainly not the homeowner. Again ask the dealer to provide the AHRI matching number.

I suggest you go to the Rheem website and look at the features of both the condenser and the furnace.

Link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rheem HVAC

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tiger, the AHRI Certified # is 3895138, so its is a tested system. With everything I've found, people either hate or love ADP coils. I think your in the hate side, right? lol

Mike, getting back to the dip switch's, the install book says the control board will not recognize any changes to dip switchs unless the power has been removed/turn off breaker or unplug the unit. When they came back out they turned the switch SE2-4 on to make it run at 50% of 2nd.

I've read the manuals front to back and the system should recognize the need for 2nd stage cooling without turning SW2-4 on (The book says to turn on SW2-4 if theres a 2 compressor system, since I have a scroll compressor could this be considered as 2 compressors?)ANYONE WANT TO COMMENT?

I wonder if its worth a try to unplug the unit and change SW2-4 BACK to off (like it was originally) and power it back on?

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I read the documentation for the the Rheem RARL-JEC condenser. It says it has a single 2-stage scroll compressor. Looking at the numbers for air flow it appears the first stage operates at about 75% of the total capacity. This split is typical for a 2-stage scroll compressor. Therefore I think SW2-4 should be in the off position so that the air flow is operating at 70%.

There are some high end condensers which have two independent compessors. In those situations it is possible to have one compressor at 50% of total capacity. In this case you would set SW2-4 on so that the air flow is at 50%.

I think there is some other problem preventing the second stage from turning on. Have the contractor come back to fix it.

I agree with Tiger. There is no good reason to use a third party coil other to save some money.

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Thank you for taking the time.
I will definitely get them back out. I'm confident they will make it right but it just gets frustrating they did not stay and make it right. It was over 85 degrees in the house when they turned it on and it went right to stage 2, but he never went back to check if it was going to drop down to stage one. It wasn't until he left that I noticed it.

I found the furnace control board flashes 66 before starting. I guess i have high static pressure. I wonder if that could be affecting the staging? I hope they aren't going to tell me I need another return or more registers! Does anyone get a proper install anymore?

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