How to repair circular needle tubing?

summer_fashionOctober 29, 2009

The tubing for my circular needle is broken almost in half where it joins the wood needle and my stitches will not go over this broken part. If I carefully use a razor and cut off the tubing thats on the wood needle (the part that's glued on to the wood) then use crazy glue or Gorilla Glue to connect the main (the long length of tubing) tubing to the wood needle would this work to fix my circular needle? I would hate to just throw away a circular if it can be fixed. Margaret

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Margaret, I have never used wood knitting needles. But, as I am a do it yourself kinda gal, I would try as you suggested. Nothing to loose... as it already looks like you might need to get new ones. ;)

Give us a report, on how it worked/didn't.


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Babka NorCal 9b

You can't use the needles now, so messing with them cannot make it worse. I agree with Moni, go for it.

Moni- Wood needles are soft and quiet and a real pleasure to use. Try them if you get the chance.


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I'd sure give it a try, as it's useless as it is...the tricky part will be where the tube ends and the wood begins, so I'd make sure the glue was well before this point so I could file the area of the join down, to try to remove the part that will catch the yarn....a fingernail file should be sufficient to try to smooth down the join.

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After you have cut off the tubing and removed what was on the needle, if you heat the tubing with hot water--not boiling just hot--for 5 or 10 minutes, it will slip on to the needle better. Leave it in until it cools and then you should be able to pull it off and it will hold it's shape for gluing

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