Heat Pump Quote for Trane XL18i with tam7 air handler

gkang2002May 16, 2014

I am in Raleigh NC. My house is 2050 Sqf.

My old 7 year 13 SEER 3 Ton Lenox system has major Freon leak in evaporator coil. It use R22 which is very expensive. It also has minor leak in out door unit. It is builder grade unit and I spent lot of money to get this fix but never worked right.
So I decided to change it. Both contractor give me quote for 3 ton unit

I got two quote from different companies one is offering Trane and other is Amena.

TraneXL18i (18 SEER 2 stage unit) with Tam7 variable speed air handle using old copper lines.
He is going to use same zone board because it very good and just replaced 6 month ago same thermostate.

basically he is just replacing (Heat pump and Air handeler) thats it for $8100

SECOND QUOTE he gives me TraneXL15 with Tam7 variable speed air handler using old copper lines for $7100.

All the above are 10 year part and 2 year labor warranty.
compressor warranty for XL18i is 12 year and XL15 10 years.

Another contractor (Amena)

He gaves me Amena 18 SEER 2 stage with matching airhandler variable speed air handler
10 year part and 10 year labor and 12 year compressor warranty and if compressor goes bad they will replace all out door unit.

he is also installing UV light for something. he is going to run new copper lines.


Please let me know which is better. I am getting more quotes this coming week.


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What size do you have now?

What size is being quoted?

Post back.


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3 Ton replacing with same size

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Do I understand you have zoning controls? Please elaborate.

You have on-off thermostat and zoning board controls operation of system?

You want the 042 TAM7 air handler. See below.

7117217 Active Systems TRANE XL18I TRANE 4TWX8036C1 *AM7A0C42H31 1185 945 37000 13.00 18.00 31400 9.50 20200 1 HRCU-A-CB 255 627 Yes

A nice system, not cheap, better than any Amana. I assume a 10 KW heat strip. You already have a filter box cabinet?

I would want a new refrigerant lineset.

Nothing wrong with the XL15i either.


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Yes, I have zoning system. and yes zoning control board was replaced with newer model not even 6 month ago. I do have two thermostat digital (Honeywell) they are not programmable.

I don't know what is filter box cabinet is but I can tell you I don't put or replace any filter in Attic where I have air handle now.

Today another guy came to my house to give me quote and actually took his time to see where is a leak in coil and it pretty bad leak where it is very hard to replace. He said it is worth to replace the unit.

He is going to give me quote on 15 SEER Temstar unit. He suggested not to put 2 Stage unit with zoning system because I may not get enough heating and cooling from it.

He said 15 SEER tempstar complete split system will cost me little over 5k for installation. He is using same copper line too.

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You don't offer a model number on the Tempstar system components.

Don't kid yourself, Tempstar is not even close to Trane. It does not have electronic demand defrost, only the time/temp defrost method.

Get a price on Trane's XR15, make the comparison, and then your decision.

One system is a BMW, the other maybe a Dodge. Live and learn.


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tempstar 3 Ton 15 SEER Main Line

10 Year Parts 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Installed price 4,884.00

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I can not find an AHRI matching number for the models you listed.
I suggest you ask dealer for the matching number.

I would want to see a comparable quote on Trane XR15 or AmStd Heritage 15.

I suspect the price is much better than the HVAC.


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ok i think this us best quote I got so far please help me to make decission.

option 1

3 ton
bayevac08lg1aa (heat strip)
4TW8036A1 (out door unit model)


second option
3 Ton
Trane xL 15
4twx5036b1 (out door unit model)

everything is same as option 1


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What are you looking for?

The XL18i system is a two stage system, the XL15i system is single stage.

The selection of the size of the air handler is very important for best performance/efficiency numbers.

4655313 Active Systems XL15I WEATHERTRON TRANE 4TWX5036B1 *AM7A0C36H31 1225 37600 12.50 15.00 34600 9.25 21800 1 HRCU-A-CB Yes 311 751 Yes

TAM7 36 size for the 3 ton XL15i system.

7117217 Active Systems TRANE XL18I TRANE 4TWX8036C1 *AM7A0C42H31 1185 945 37000 13.00 18.00 31400 9.50 20200 1 HRCU-A-CB 255 627 Yes

TAM7 42 size for the 3 ton XL18i system.

If this is not a budget decision, then get the XL18i system as I listed with 10 KW heat strip. Pay attention to the air handler model/size. If you are able to interpret the AhRI numbers, you can readily see there are some marginal savings with the XL18i system on cooling and good savings on heating with the higher HSPF efficiency.

You are getting some very good pricing.

I am done here.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your input tigrdune.

Please explain me in simple english because I don't understand AhRI number.

I want to know what is the difference between these two air handler model number.



Why one guys quoting upper and other guys quoted bottom model. I did little search I think upper is 2 1/2 ton and bottom one is 3 ton but help me to understand what is the major difference and which one should i get.

I want TRANE XL 15i

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The coil size determines the best performance(BTUs) and efficiency(SEER, EER, HSPF) in both cooling and heating mode.

If you don't follow my advice on the air handler model size, you are just cheating a nice system and your pocketbook.

Cost difference would be negligible to inconsequential compared to operating costs.

How much hand holding do you require?

While the XL15i is a very nice Sgl stage system, I would opt for the XL18i both on comfort and the higher HSPF which has a good payback in heating mode. You have received excellent pricing. I will assume dealer has determined operational compatibility of either system with your zoning system.

I am done here. Can't say anymore.

It bothers me that people come on this forum wanting advice but have a difficult time accepting it.

Go to AhRI site and get educated.


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Tigrdune, I can not thank you enough for referening me to go to www.ahridirectory.org

This website is really nice if you want to compare different unit.


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