single color grannie square baby blanket pattern?

quirkpodOctober 5, 2007

Can anyone give me a pattern for this? I need a baby blanket for 1 1/2 skeins of worsted yarn that I had leftover. This seems like a good way to use up yarn without determining the finished size until you run out.

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I have used granny squares to finish off yarn. Don't know how big 1 1/2 skeins would make (how many ounces?) - but I often add a second color and do 2-3 rows of each until I get to a decent size. I also have one of those plastic sweater bags with little squares of leftovers - one day I'll add a final row or two of black and then make one giant leftover afghan! Many of the colors bring back memories of things I've made for gifts over the years. Here's a tutorial of how to make a basic square.

Here is a link that might be useful: HOW TO MAKE A GRANNY SQUARE

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Thank you so much for the link, but it wont help. I already know how to do them. The trouble is making them one color and not tying off and beginning a new color. How do I simply continue without tying off which requires starting at a different point than where I am when I am ready. Tying on a new color happens at a corner. I am not at a corner when I want to start the next row. Try one to see what I mean. I am at a brick wall of confusion.

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GOT IT! I called someone and they gave me the pattern which involves slip stitching over to the chain 1 space each row rather than changing colors and using chain 1 between each 3 dc to prevent large gaps:
ch5, sl st to form ring.
Row 1: ch3, 2 dc in ring, ch1, [3dc, ch1] nx ch1 sp x3, ch1, sl st at top of ch3 to join.
r2: sl st over to ch1 sp, ch3, [2dc, ch1, 3dc in ch1 sp, ch1], rep [] nx 3 ch1 sps.
r3: sl st over to ch1 sp. Rep as in r2 until done. tie off, weave in.

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glad you got it - I responded to your e-mail but thought perhaps I should add it here also:
you should ALWAYS be at the corner with a traditional granny square - if you look at the directions in the tutorial it tells you to slip stitch in the top of the beginning double crochet and then the next two and into the space before beginning the next row - I have made other types of grannies that end somewhere in the middle of that last block of stitches so I know what you are talking about - probably one of the reasons I use the traditional square when I don't know how much yarn I'm going to have; easier to add/change colors, etc.

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I made one for a new preemie great grandson with pale green and put a white scalloped border around the outside. I thought it was really nice.

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I just keep going around and around while the granny square gets bigger and bigger. I'm making one in a red, white and blue variegated yarn right now. I bought 4 skeins so that will be how big it will be. nice little lap-gan

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