Denise interchangeable needles

sandra_fergusonOctober 22, 2007

I'm thinking of asking Santa for a set of these this Christmas, but would like to hear if any of you has a set...and, if so, what you think of them.

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I've tried a friends, and I HATED THEM. Then again, I detest plastic.

I actually have the KnitPicks Options set and couldn't say more good things about them. I know they're a bit pricer, but how I love them! They're very similar to Addi Turbos, but pointer.

~ Kit

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Thanks, Kit.....that's exactly what I wanted to know.

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Anybody out there who has used the newer wood tips from KnitPicks. They work with the same cables as Options. I've tried one and like the feel, but not sur I'm ready to spring for the set.

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Another vote for the Knitpicks, both the metal and the new Harmony wood interchangeables. Very sharp points, flexible cords and smooth joins. You can buy just a pair or two to try out first. I just bought a couple of pairs in the sizes I use most and cords separately. I like having both kinds, the metal for wool and the wood for slippery yarns. I also have the Denise which I use for heavier yarns. The plastic needles are useful for yarns which need needles with a little drag. The Denise set also goes up to size 15 so it has been a good investment for me for occasional use with bulky yarns. It's not so great with size 5 and 6 needles since the cord is thicker and the yarns don't slide along it as well. With needles, you're going to find lots of different opinions so see if you can try before you buy an entire set.

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I just purchase my Denise Interchangeable needles, and I love them, were quite expensive at $ 69.99 but with a 40 0/0
coupon I had save $ 28.00 and only pd. 44 and some small change. I wouldn't be without them. I also love to use the Addi Thurbos, they slide so smoothly. I wouldn't part with them either. Wanda

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Thanks for the input, Wanda.....Santa neglected all knitting needles this year, so I may be 'forced' to buy my yet I haven't made up my mind which...both seem to have their good points (a little knitting humor, there) lol

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What sizes do you use most? If you use mostly sport weight or DK yarns, I wouldn't get the Denise. the cords are quite thick and the yarn doesn't slide smoothly with the smaller needle sizes. It is fine for heavy worsted and up. Since with Knitpicks, you can buy the needles and cords a la carte, you can get one of the metal and one of the wood to try before investing in a set.

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On my new Denise Interchangeable needles I have sz 2- 15. Since I've bought them I have done more knitting in a life time, and more then have gotten my money's worth and then some. It was my best friend who told me about them. And I had to have them. I've made sleeveless sweaters, (chunky yarn) with cables, and the Addi Turbo needles are fanstatic to use. The sweater was sleeveless with a big giant cable down the center of sweater. Have a good night ladies.

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The Denise comes in size 5 though 15, The cord is too thick to accommodate smaller sizes. The Boye is metal and comes in size 2 thou 15 -- better if you tend to knit with smaller needles but some knitters have had problems with the joins unscrewing and the stiff cords.

Here is a link that might be useful: Denise interchangeable set

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I have the Denise set and I also have a couple of the Boye interchangeables. I HATE, HATE, HATE the Boye ones. I am constantly having to tighten them as they come unscrewed frequently. My yarn is frequently getting caught on the join too. I'm glad I didn't buy the whole set.

If you want to try Denise out you can buy all the pieces separately. I inherited my set from my mother and after many years the cables were wearing. I was lso missing one set of needles. I ordered several needles in the most used sizes and ordered lots of various cable lengths. They are quite inexpensive. The biggest cost seems to be in the case, so you can buy things separately and get everything cheaper than you would by buying the set.

I have carpal tunnel and I like the flexibility in the needles, though the bigger the needle the less flexibility.

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