interchangeable needles

Vickey__MNOctober 29, 2008

Okay for Christmas I want my husband to get me interchangeable circular needles. I LOVE knitting with bamboo needles, so I know I want them to be bamboo or wooden...from what I see out there I have a choice of two kinds. So which ones are best? Any suggestions?


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I have bamboo needles....recently got a complete set of both the 14" and DP.....I like wood, too , but my husband got me a set of Denise interchangeables last year for Christmas, and I LOVE, as a nice extra they will exchange, free of charge, any part that EVER 'malfunctions'....I've knitted sweaters, baby blankets, etc on them, with out a, don't neglect this as a possibility.

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I have the Boye Interchangeables, and I like them, but they are not ideal. I still use my bamboo circulars much more often. I bought a couple of KnitPicks cables and a set each of their metal and wooden (not bamboo) tips. I love them both. The wood tips have much sharper tips than my bamboos. They don't have as much "drag" as my bamboos, but a bit more than the metal ones. If that sounds good to you, then I say go for the KnitPicks Options in wood.

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I have the wood Knitpicks. Great. You can get them online only.

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Wood Knitpicks are what Santa is bringing me :).


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I have both the Plymouth bamboo and the Knit Picks Options (wood) circular sets. I much, much prefer the Knit Picks.

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I bought a set of teak wood needles on Ebay. I like them a lot. But I lost the size eights . I think I left my knitting behind at a doctors office last year! I called but they didn't have my stuff.

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I bought myself wood Knit Picks largely due to the glowing reviews that they are getting from knitting friends on other lists.


Here is a link that might be useful: Harmony needles

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