Is there such a knitting aid as this?

yoyobon_gwOctober 28, 2012

I am looking for a knitting tool/aid that would help me keep track of where I am on a pattern row.

I know there are magnetic boards with moveable magnetic strips to put beneath the row you are on.

Is there any other tool?

I am thinking of something like a clipboard with a moveable plastic horizontal bar that would highlight the row you're working on.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm a fairly new knitter/crocheter and I have a similar problem. The solution I've come up with is to create a table with rows going down and repeats going across. I check off each row as I do it, going down until I'm ready to start a new repeat. For example, I did a cabled afghan in strips with 18 rows for the pattern and 11 repeats for each strip. It was fun seeing my progress in "black and white," as well as in reality.

I made my table in Word. I printed it and used a clip board to keep track of it. It works pretty well.

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Highlighter tape is great
Also there is a board cross s twitchers use. I got one at michaels for about $10

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Annie Deighnaugh

I used to just use index cards and flip the card as i finished each row...only problem was when I would forget to flip the card!

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Yoyobon, when I use a magnetic strip on a chart, I put the strip on the row ABOVE where I am. Since I start at the bottom of the chart, that lets me see the rows I have done and the one I am working on. It makes it much easier.

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I type out index cards, one for each row/round, and flip it as I finish it. I punch a hole in the corner and put the whole pattern of cards on a ring, so I don't loose them and it's easy to flip. I also use a paper clip on them when I stop, so it doesn't get flipped accidentaly.

Nice to see a new face here! Welcome!


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If I'm not too late to weigh in this is how I do it for knitting from a graph. When you have so many symbols in little squares it is hard to see where you are all across the graph.

I use a clip board, a 1 1/2 inch piece of stiff cardboard the width of the clip board and 2 binder clips. I scan and print my graph. Then clip my scanned graph to the clipboard. I place the cardboard strip over the graph, above the first line of the graph and clip it to the clipboard with the binder clips. When I'm finished that row as a secondary precaution,I put a pencil line on the first line of the graph on both sides and move my strip up to the next line.

This keeps very secure when put away but if it ever moves I know exactly which lines I've done

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Thank you, thank you , thank you all for the wonderful ideas.

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