circular needles - HELP!!

dcrowexOctober 8, 2006

i am trying to get an afghan started and it my first time using these kinds of needles. the first couple rows of cast on and knit are fine. at the end of this last row, i can still hold stretch the needles separate as if it is one long row. the problem is the next row from there. at the end of the row, there is yarn connecting where it looks like i am now working in a circle. obviously, if i continued on like this it would be one big tube. i keep pulling the yarn out back to row 2 where everything was ok and still getting the same results. here are the directions and the problem always starts with row 2.

cast on 107 stitches. do not join.

row 1 knit

row 2 K1, P7, *K7, P7; rep from * to last st; K1

row 3 knit


I get as far as cast on and row 1 and all is fine. the problem is after row 2. what am i doing wrong?

thanks, deb

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Are you remembering to turn your needles? Switch them like they weren't connected?

Are you using yarn from the tail by accidently?

What I do when I use circs (okay, I never actually use straight needles) is pretend like they're straight - not connected at all.

~ Kit

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Exactly what Kit said. Just because you are using circular needles does not mean you have to knit in the round. If you are knitting a flat piece, you must turn the piece as if you were using straight needles. Like Kit, I rarely use straights anymore.

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Thanks for responding. But I am sorry, I am not understanding. Each time I end a row, the yarn from the ball is on my right needle. If I turn it or switch it, the yarn will be on the left side to start knitting. I am brand new to the circular needles so sorry if I am not understanding this.


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Yes, what you say is correct. At the end of the row, turn the needles around so that the left hand needle is now your right hand needle. Now put the right hand needle into the first stitch, wrap the yarn around your right hand needle, and complete the stitch. Now the yarn ball is coming off the completed stitch on your right hand needle. You just need to TURN the afghan after EACH row. If you don't, you will make one great big tube. Turn your needles and afghan around after EACH row.

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Well that makes sense. I will try that. I figured it was something simple and I just wasnt seeing it. Thank you!

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