New AC, Room Still Warm

kingfyshMay 4, 2012

My wife and I had our AC re-done about two years ago and have been pretty happy with it overall. However, the master bedroom gets warm at night when we close the door. We have two vents in the bedroom and one in the master bath that blow hard and cold. The room is fairly air tight with only one exterior door and no windows. The insulation appears to be adequate in the ceiling and I cannot feel any hot or cold spots on the walls. Any suggestions? Is this an issue with the AC not being to properly circulate at night? If circulation is the issue, what can be done to correct it?

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If it is fine with the door open but hot when it is closed, you might need a better return air path from that room. How many returns do you have and where are they? Do your vents "bot hard and cold" with the bedroom door closed?

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cut a venting area in the door so air can flow back to return. Or cut a new return in ceiling but those generAlLY don't work very well.

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The master bed room has no windows?

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Sounds like you need a return path for the air.
transfer grills or jump ducts would
provide this.

no windows??? not that this has anything to
do with return air..but windows??

best of luck.

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I too saw the no windows but the exterior door could be glass. It still is strange but the door makes it code compliant. The extreme of this is a sliding glass door - then no windows is completely normal.

Undercutting the door is free and the easiest thing to do.

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At night there is not any solar load coming in to the living spaces of the home, adding to the cooling load. But you being in the bedroom is warming up the space there. The closed door is keeping the air from circulating, and the system isn't running much because there is no call for cooling at the stat, which I assume is not in the bedroom.

So you need to tell the stat you need it cooler.

Consider getting one of the new honeywell wi fi stats with the module that you take with you in the home, and take into the bedroom at night.

Or try propping the door open, or change your stat setting to have the fan run continuously.

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Return air. You can only pump a tire to 30 lbs because the regulator is set to 30. Poke a hole and you can pump till the cows come home.

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