Media or Electronic Air Filter for new HP?

bookgalMay 11, 2011

Want to add an air cleaner/filter to my new HP Carrier system. The old system had the old style electronic wire air cleaner. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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i would rec the april air electronic air cleaner. they claim no ozone and they have both a media filter and an electronic fearure.

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I like 4" pleated media filters installed after ducts have been sealed and return air is cleaned and sealed.
if you have no areas leaking and pulling dirt through
the system why do you need a gadget to clean the air
when the media filter will suffice.
no moving parts, just change as per mfg's directions.
works well for me!

best of luck.

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absolutely agree with energy rater.

with a good solid pleated filter media cabinet MERV 10 or better, no ozone, no operating cost, no maintenance.

I believe in the KISS principle.


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